Advanced affiliate system


The platform contains a set of feature allowing to perform a variety of commissions payment to affiliates in multple levels. We will describe how funds are collected and how they can be redistributed.

Affiliate system is a framework and a set of features; SDK and developer documentation, allowing companies to tailor their affiliate payout business logic.

#10,000 feet view

Trader->Platform Accounts: Executed trade commission
Trader->Compute Commissions: New trades are streamed for processing
Revenue Share Table->Compute Commissions: Your revenue share table
Compute Commissions->Platform Accounts: Distribute revenues

The framework allow you define a table of revenue share among different parties spliting the fee. All participant sharing the trading fee will be split the entire fees and the rest will be kept as a platform definitive revenue.

The system is massively scalable and allow to pay millions of operations in real-time. The revenue share table must be prepared from an external program we often refers as AppLogic, We provide stub of commissions computation that can be customized with any arbitrary rules or external source of information such as exchange rate, of fraud prevention system.

Once commissions are computed they are queue into a payouts table, the table is periodically process to flush payment using peatio management api; The transfer of balance will occur from previously collected fees marked as a temporary revenue; the transfers are executed in batch with a uniq BatchID, a key computed by commissions framework.

##Functional description

  • Ability to refer another user, or user can enter his referal code on signup;
  • Ability to have multi-levels referral; user can refer a refer which will refer another user;
  • Ability to define fee per group of users or market; this amount will be entirely collected by the platform at trade execution
  • Ability to process trades and compute commissions amount in real time
  • Ability to convert the commissions amount into a single currency in order to compute statistics aggregated by various time windows and keys;
  • Ability to provide an affiliate tree with revenue share expressed in fraction of fee total amount
  • Ability to change the affiliate tree in real time and recieving updated adjustment in real time.
  • Ability to review payouts prior to execution
  • Ability to run anti-fraud analysis before payouts
  • Ability to prevent duplicate payouts
  • Ability to audit accounting records
  • Ability to provide affiliate partners with detailed statistics

#Business cases

Broker partner program

In this case the exchange has 10 licensed partners in charge of recruiting brokers; the brokers in turn advertise locally to attract traders on their platform and manage the trading volume generating the revenue;

The main business case is the following; a company defines that 3 affiliate level will get a payout from the trader commission;

  1. The trader (D) has performed a trade and a FEE has been collected
  2. The direct referrer (C) of the trader will earn 25% of the FEE
  3. The introducing broker (B) of (C) will earn of commission of 10% of trader (D) FEE
  4. The regional partner (A) introducing the broker (B) will earn a commission of 5%
graph LR
A[Partner A] -->B[Broker B]
    B --> C[Referrer C]
    C --> D{Trader D}
    D -->|60% Fees| E[Platform]
    D -->|40% Fees| F[Fee Distribution]
    F -->|5% Payout| A
    F -->|10% Payout| B
    F -->|25% Payout| C

Sales management

In this case the exchange has a team of regional sales managers in charge of managing sales target with their team:

graph LR
A[Regional Sales A] -->B[Junior Sales B]
    B --> C{Trader C}
    C -->|90% Fees| E[Platform]
    C -->|10% Fees| F[Sales commissions]
    F -->|4% Payout| A
    F -->|6% Payout| B

Viral Growth

In this case, exchange focus on paying incentive on growth from KYC verified users, users deposits, and trading volume achievements; commissions are paid in a platform token.

graph LR
A[Affiliate A] -->B[Affiliate B]
    B --> C{Trader C}
    C -->|Signup| E[Platform]
    C -->|Deposit| E
    C -->|Trade| E
    E -->|Compute| T
    T[Token Wallet] -->|10 Tokens| A
    T -->|50 Tokens| B