Peatio Cryptocurrency Exchange & Accounting Software

Peatio (Chinese: "貔貅") is a Chinese mythical draconic-like creature considered a mighty protector to Feng Shui practitioners.

Peatio is the heart of the OpenDAX™ stack and is a core accounting component of Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets Exchange Software.

What is Peatio?

Peatio is core open-source accounting software for a cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange platform.

The mission of Peatio is to facilitate asset base, accounting, and trading activities.

It is built on Rails framework and designed for micro-services architecture, with external frontend and server components.

Peatio software functionality

Core cryptocurrencies support

Peatio is easily extendable with other blockchains and currencies.

Peatio features

Need help with deploying your Peatio-based digital asset exchange?

Peatio is an essential core component to start your exchange service of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and ERC security tokens.

It's the first step on the road to building a full-featured crypto exchange or marketplace service.

Talk to technical sales for paid consulting and deployment services on Peatio and a free OpenDAX cryptocurrency exchange software demo.

You can also have a more detailed read through Openware Blockchain development SDK resources on SaaS crypto platform components and modules that go well with Peatio.