#Online Brokerage Platform

Blockchain naturally enables managing a multitude of different assets on the fly.

When looking at well-known brokerage and investment platforms like Fidelity and TD Ameritrade, we see the immense potential to improve these financial services by introducing easily managed digital assets, private keys, smart contracts, market monitoring, and extensive analytics.

#What is Online Brokerage?

The Online Brokerage is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for a registered stockbroker, shareholder representative, trading representative, an investment broker, investment adviser, financial adviser, wealth manager, investment professional, and broker-dealer.

Online Brokerage provides financial advisory and investment management services for the users to purchase or sell stocks and other investments in return for a commission fee based on a flat rate, percentage of assets, or hourly rate.

The platform may include self-service for the users as well as paid consulting services.

#What can you do with an OpenBroker Platform Software?

You can operate a next-generation online brokerage exchange platform with easy access to common stock market assets and the new breed of digital cryptocurrency assets.

  • Online Stock Trading: Want your clients to trade stocks like on the Fidelity platform? OpenBroker is the online brokerage software to do it. Define the investment minimum for your users and provide them with high-quality trading tools.
  • Investing: Provide secure access and diverse exposure to the classic stock market assets and Bitcoin, as well as other new digital currency assets for your customers to invest in, similar to the Grayscale platform.
  • Brokerage: Offer a full-service brokerage as a professional financial adviser to manage all investment decisions for your users and provide ongoing advice and support with fixed or dynamic service fees.
  • Wealth Management: Provide investment advisory consulting service to address the needs of affluent clients. Define an investment strategy, calculate return-on-investment (ROI), approve it with your customers, and execute - all within the brokerage exchange platform.
  • Financial Planning and Advice: Help your clients manage their money! Provide advisory service for investment management, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance, debt repayment, tax planning, or any other financial industry aspect.

#Innovative approach to investing and stock trading platforms with OpenBroker

Open-Source Brokerage Exchange Platform (OpenBroker) is a cost-effective solution to deploy a market-ready online brokerage cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

We can host it on your private company cloud or popular cloud services like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

The service will be available online 24/7 for your customers. Since the platform is modular, it is very easy to plug in any additional applications such as external reporting systems, payment gateways and identity verification procedures for KYC.

#Let's talk about your online brokerage project!

OpenBroker is a reliable and flexible engine to power up your online brokerage platform.

Talk to technical sales for more platform architecture details and a free brokerage exchange platform demo.

You can also have a more detailed read through Openware Blockchain development SDK resources on platform architecture and possibilities of Ethereum applications and smart contracts for brokerage software.

Want to develop online brokerage platform software like Fidelity and TD Ameritrade with us? Welcome to Openware GitHub!

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