Blockchain Software Solutions

We help companies build secure, efficient, and scaling enterprise solutions with innovative distributed ledger technologies.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Manage the centralized trading of blockchain-based digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and security tokens.

Open-source cryptocurrency exchange platform software providing a fully-featured solution to meet the ever-increasing demands of the FinTech industry and alternative marketplaces.

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Crypto Market Making Services

Market Making & Liquidity Provision

Automate your trading strategies, perform successful market-making, and provide liquidity for your cryptocurrency exchange.

Employ proprietary technology and algorithms with proper risk management, empowered by machine learning.

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Decentralized Exchange Software

Operate modern peer-to-peer exchange of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and security tokens driven by community liquidity pools.

The inventive solution to deploy a new-fashioned Uniswap-based cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

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Digital and Crypto Banking

Conquer the banking market with innovative financial products, empowered by Blockchain technology.

Take advantage of the new wave of distributed ledger applications, enabling new currencies, ensuring frictionless usage experience, customer trust, and regulatory compliance.

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NFT Crypto Marketplace

Operate the next-generation crypto marketplace to facilitate the trading of any digital assets and collectibles, represented by popular NFT tokens.

OpenNFT SaaS is the perfect Blockchain software engine to power up your decentralized NFT digital assets marketplace.

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Brokerage Platform Software

Future-proof trading platform to facilitate smart investments and financial management powered by Blockchain technology.

The next-generation brokerage platform combines easy access to common stock market assets and a new breed of digital cryptocurrency assets.

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Cryptocurrency Custody Software

Provide mobile and desktop wallet applications to send, receive, and safely store your customers' digital assets.

We develop enterprise software solutions to manage digital assets and provide crypto custody.

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