Our mission is to enable a safe, transparent, and universally accessible financial ecosystem.

Openware is the leading software engineering company of the open-source Blockchain ecosystem, headquartered in San Francisco.

Our full-stack products help developersw build next-generation DeFi apps and enable enterprises to launch robust future-ready financial infrastructure.

Openware develops global financial platforms, cryptocurrency exchange software, crypto marketplace applications, digital banking, online brokerage, and crypto custody vaults.

Building the financial infrastructure of tomorrow.

Openware is an offspring company of Helios Technologies SAS. Louis Bellet and Camille Meulien founded Helios Technologies in France in 2006 to modernize existing business infrastructures by adopting a cloud environment for enhanced data processing, security, and scaling.

Since 2006 we have provided Fintech enterprise DevOps consulting services, helping banks and retail companies to migrate to modern cloud solutions based on the best DevOps practices and tools.

In 2017, the team came across an abandoned GitHub repository of a crypto exchange platform called Peatio. We decided to rewrite it using our financial DevOps experience - with microservice-oriented architecture, adding new components to improve its security, stability, and scaling.

Nowadays, Openware is the core contributor to open-source Blockchain projects and the license provider for the OpenDAX™ product stack, provisioning enterprise services on top of the open-source components, including education, support, and software R&D.

Offices & Co-workingIn USA, France, Ukraine, and Thailand
15 +
Years in Fintech industry
40 +
Experienced full-stack developers
100 +
Blockchain projects built

Core Values

Open-Source Collaboration

  • Most of our components are available on GitHub
  • Our software is tried and tested by thousands of developers
  • OpenDAX™ stack has powered hundreds of startup exchanges

Best DevOps Practices

  • We only apply the best DevOps tools and practices
  • We design our Infrastructure as Code approach for scalability
  • All our developers are full-stack DevOps specialists

Bank-Grade Security

  • Our software has always been designed with Fintech enterprises in mind
  • Our work and service centers are ISO-27001 compliant
  • Security hardening is the core of our software R&D activities

Continuous Improvement

  • We provide continuous learning and education for our developers
  • Most of our budget is allocated to the Software R&D Laboratory
  • We always keep an eye on the market to improve our software stack

Commitment to Customers

  • We support our customers on every step of the project
  • We educate our customers to become proficient and self-reliant
  • Our goal is our customers’ business success, which means our success

Quality First

  • We apply a clean code policy in the house
  • Senior developers review every line of our code
  • We perform relentless QA of every deployment we make


Openware leadership is made up of dedicated, focused, professional, and experienced executives. Tirelessly working with each other and with our employees worldwide, their passion, knowledge, and experience come together to deliver the boldest projects to the market.

Louis Bellet - CEO and Co-Founder of Openware

Louis Bellet

Co-Founder and CEO

Louis Bellet is a genius software architect and proven leader of multiple IT startups and established operations, offering technical strategies that streamline business objectives. His technical competencies include designing and overseeing the development of enterprise-grade solutions of any complexity.

Camille Meulien - CTO and Co-Founder of Openware

Camille Meulien

Co-Founder and CTO

Camille Meulien is a brilliant software architect and known authority in Fintech development circles. He has over 15 years of experience in Fintech security, distributed systems, Big Data, and high-traffic systems. He is a master of Agile and Lean software development, a problem-solver, and skilled in aligning technical solutions with business goals.

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