A powerful order matching platform for the busy marketplace.

The mission of OpenFinex™ is enabling you to Blitzkrieg any marketplace at unprecedented force, speed, and efficiency.

OpenFinex™ order matching platform is the beating heart of the ambitious stock market, betting service, matchmaking service, financial and crypto exchange.

#What is OpenFinex™?

OpenFinex™ is a proprietary private open-source software with machine learning components, designed to facilitate rapid and focused order matchmaking of the enterprise-grade trading environment. OpenFinex™ marketplace platform is one of the most high-performing order matching engines in the world, handling over 500,000 orders per second.

The architecture of OpenFinex™ is designed as an open-source cloud platform, seamlessly merging into new and existing business models. OpenFinex™ is developed entirely on Go to ensure swift performance, transaction security, project scaling, and flexibility in future development.

OpenFinex™ order matching platform is also available as the modular component of the OpenDAX Enterprise stack.


  • Designed for FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API and RESTful (Representational State Transfer) API.
  • Using Raft consensus.
  • Operating entirely in memory.
  • Cross-datacenter replicas.
  • With failover mechanism.
  • Scalable gateways.
  • Minimized Database access.
  • Optimized Database writes by transaction batching.

#Let's boost your marketplace together!

OpenFinex™ is a fast, efficient and flexible marketplace platform to power up your stocks & commodities market, booking & betting service, or the exchange service of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and ERC security tokens.

Talk to technical sales for more details on OpenFinex™ solution architecture and a free order matching platform software demo.

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