Barong Authentication Server

Barong (Indonesian: "Barongan") is a panther-like creature and the prominent character in Balinese mythology. He is the king of the good spirits, fighting the evil.

Barong is a security gateway application for the Openware application stack.

#What is Barong?

Barong is an Open-Source OAuth2 server application with RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), KYC (Know-Your-Customer), and 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) support.

Barong is the stock gateway application to manage RBAC and KYC levels across the Openware stack applications.

It is flexible and easy to extend by using the Event API or Rest API.

#Barong features

  • Fast & lightweight application with very few dependencies.
  • Rails Rest API and Management API.
  • You can change all configuration variables to your liking.
  • Barong is very flexible in terms of development - you can apply custom business logic and plug any third-party apps through server-to-server management API.

Label system

  • You can quickly build and manage different user groups, roles, access rights, and access logic using labels.
  • Provides a strong base for additional customization.

KYC verification system

  • Secure customer documentation storage and verification.
  • Standard KYC process includes short personal info, email verification, phone verification, and ID verification. You can enhance the process by adding any additional verification steps.
  • Can be reconfigured to include any amount of user levels and verification steps using the label system.
  • All of the KYC steps can be manually verified, approved, disapproved, or removed by admins.

Authentication system

  • Supports anti-robot - Google ReCaptcha and Geetest Captcha on authentication.
  • Records user activity (both successful and failed authentication attempts), including actions with session/password/2FA (User-agent, IP Address, Time, Concrete Action, Result).
  • Provides HMAC-based API key feature support.
  • Users can create an API key and authorize access for third-party applications.

#Need help with deploying Barong authentication server?

Barong is a crucial component to ensure strong customer authentication combined with robust risk management in an ideal balance between a user-friendly and secure online experience.

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