#Version 0.1.57

Released 2019-08-28

Add ability to deploy applogic (#25)

  • Add opportunity to deploy applogic

  • Update gitignore file and add applogic directory to config

  • Add applogic to services in webhook, change ruby versionin Dockerfile

Add market ticker daemon to rake task

Add Arke

Add correct vars to config/frontend

Add FTH to currencies and markets; remove KYN

Add sleep for wallet creation to wait for geth

  • Expose port 8545 for geth

Add rake task to generate wallets on geth node

Add components-docs integration

Add gcloud authentication to be able to use private images

  • Make bin/install.sh executable by default

Add daemons to rake task service:all

Add configuration for baseapp

  • Add recaptcha configuration to barong

Add ability to configure subdomain (#79)

Add postmaster to utils and start automatically with all services

Add test step in drone pipeline

Add drone pipeline

Add rack gem

Add REWRITE flag to Renderer::render method

Add ability to load sql-dump for barong and peatio

Add the sshkey gem for proper SSH public key generation

Add ability to load custom configuration during Terraform provisioning

Add configuration for barong storage (#52)

Add Twilio support

Add terraform files for automated VM creation (#47)

  • Add terraform files for automated VM creation
  • Adding bash script and remote execution
  • Add SSH key rendering to the Renderer; refactor the key generation
  • Add a Rake task for dealing with Terraform operations
  • Make tfvars a template; update the terraform-related rake tasks
  • Increase the VM disk size to 120 GB
  • Add docs on base Terraform usage

Add missing require for base64

Add specs for configuration

Add tower config to container

Add wildcard CORS origins to the API gateway mappings

Add rake task, dockerfile and service for webhook (#15)

  • Add rake task for webhook

  • change frontend config

  • Add dockerfile and service with webhook

Add webhook for automated deployment (#13)

Add webhook for automated deployment

Add config/gateway/mapping.yaml file to template

Add Vault address to env

Add vendor:clone to the frontend before hook

Add the Tower app to service.rake

Add a vendor Rake namespace

  • Add the tower repo link to app.yml

Add the Mikroapp service

Reroute all the non-API traffic to Mikroapp Disable spring for Barong

Add the secret key base and disable SSL enforcement for Peatio

Add stuff for peatio v2

Adding ruby version file

Adding persistence for Vault

Adding mysql configuration file and updating containers

Adding a wait for MySQL and AMQP to be ready

Adding vendor files

Adding env.js and minors changes

Adding pathname require

Adding Ubuntu install steps

Adding custom domain var

Adding peatio and barong gem

Adding usage

Adding conventions

Allow ruby version 2.6.X in Gemfile

Allow API keys headers in gateway

Allow to use SSL optionally; convert traefik.toml to a template

Autoload reset and confirm configuration for postmaster

Change default value for load dump

Change postmaster image

Change max payload size

Change ambassador version in templates

Change version of peatio daemons

Change tower config to use image

Change repository URL

Changing default vendor to baseapp

Changing envoy configuration

Need to add barong document upload size

Changing db loading logic

Changing host for tower

Delete mysqldump warning

Disable Peatio for Traefik in favor of the gateway

Disable SSL cert requests for Traefik

Enhancement: Update default Tower image config to use quay.io (#8)

Enhancement: Update the default baseapp image to 2.2.23 (#6)

Enhancement: Add Openware license key config to app.yml (#3)

Enhancement: Update compose files for slave_book (#51)

Enhancement: Update compose files for peatio ruby daemons (#49)

Enhancement: Update Peatio version to 2.2.11 (#47)

Expose Peatio on peatio.domain.name

Expose Ambassador to Traefik

Expose Peatio to Traefik

Feature: Switch the default frontend image to baseapp-lite (#4)

Feature: integrate event api listener (#54)

Feature: integrate sidekiq for applogic (#53)

Feature: Add dedicated deployment instructions for AWS (#46)

Feature: Automate the Superset provisioning (#40)

  • Update Superset to version 0.28.1
  • Remove redundant MySQL operations
  • Add volumes to persist the Superset DB

Feature: Integrate SSL redirection on Traefik

Feature: Use envoy instead of Ambassador (#77)

  • Feature: Use envoy instead of Ambassador
  • Add private and public mappings for ranger to envoy
  • Update peatio image tag to 2.0.20-alpha
  • Add authz configuration to barong

Finilize tests

Fix: Add permission to accept large documents (#1)

Fix: Add Applogic private key to env file (#55)

Fix: change rewrite path for applogic and log to STDOUT (#50)

Fix: Update the Applogic env with correct DB configs

Fix: add missing field to arke config + mount arke config dir

Fix: Remove git key and service account in deployment

Fix: Add Barong domain env to Barong for latest postmaster support

Fix: Render keys only if they don't exist already

Fix: Disable ssl by default

Fix: Render correct config if ssl is enabled

Fix: Add documentation for component deployment management

Fix: Update the Ruby version in .drone.yml

Fix for create eth wallets with password

Fix: remove apt upgrade from install.sh to avoid Debian kernel issues

Fix: import only chaindata for geth

Fix: Add accounts to peatio seed files

Fix install script to run all rake tasks

Fix geth import permission denied bug

Fix the Renderer spec

Fix barong in production mode

Fix rake command with [command] & gitignore config/frontend/*.js

Fix issue with vendor & Switch name to "MicroKube" (#28)

  • Fix issue with vendor

  • Switch name to "MicroKube"

  • Bump mikroapp version to 0.1.3

  • Remove trash comment

  • Fix rake task service:all

  • Update docker images tags

Fix barong.env template vault address (#17)

Fix the frontend matching rule for the gateway

Fixing precision for USD to 2

Fixing import db tasks

Fixing admin panel link

fixing authz in app task

Hotfix: add removed config/gateway folder (#80)

Implement support for private git repos

  • Start using openware/microkube instead of rubykube in install.sh

Implement Ranger integration

Implement renderer class for webhook and rake

Importing basic files from workbench

Improve Vendor rake task for clone repos

Increase timeout for rake task (#20)

Initial commit

Integrate Apache Superset into Compose

Load config/app.yml into a shared constant

Load the shared libraries from the Rakefile

Major components update to 2.1 release

Make APP_DOMAIN dynamically configurable

Minor fix for gateway

Minor changes removing authz

Mount Peatio Admin Panel and assets on /admin + /assets

Mount Admin on /tower

Freezing password

Move proxy.rake logic to service.rake

Move config/trading-ui.env to config/tpl

Move run to svc and Add stop start restart args to svc tasks

Permission Denied Error Fix

Due to permission errors, docker-compose was not allowed to run while trying to run command "rake service:all" command for starting up the microkube.

Adding chmod +x to the directory fixes the error.

Quick fixes for APP_DOMAIN

Raise error in rake task if webhook responses with error

Remove superset dependency

Remove mailcatcher from optional utils (#83)

Remove dependencies for components (#78)

Remove unused gems (peatio and barong)

Remove rendered compose files

Remove excessive calls to proxy in rake service:all

Remove the unused KITE_ENV var from the Rakefile

Remove the unused git.rake file

Rename Pigeon to Postmaster (#53)

  • Add support for pigeon

  • Rename pigeon to postmaster

Rendering compose files from templates

Reorganize all the templates in config/tpl

Resolving PathPrefix issue for traefik

Reworked a bit config rendering

Separate rendering of files and keys

Split rendering in two tasks; rename rake config to render

Switch to Postmaster 0.0.6 and SMTP

Switch from MicroKube to Microkube

Switch config from constant to global variable

Update README.md

Update env.js for lite version of frontend (#2)

Update component versions (#43)

  • Update component versions

  • Change envoy configuration

  • Update tower version and configuration

Update envoy to v1.10.0

Update component versions (#41)

Update the SSH key name in tf vars

Update arke to latest version with correct config

Update the Ruby version and GPG keys for RVM

Update version of Peatio

Update default component versions

Update config for baseapp

Update postmaster version (#84)

Update peatio config to 2.0.19-alpha

Update the Renderer spec with public SSH key cases

Update Webhook instalation

Update file paths for terraform

Update barong version

Update ambassador version

Update the Peatio assets mapping to work properly

Update peatio and barong versions

Update README with a usage guide

Update vendor.rake with exist checks

Update all hostname definitions to be dynamic

Update .gitignore with render results

Update rake :run task

  • Add run:all for one-line startup
  • Move docker-related tasks to docker namespace

Update the Vault rake task to not crash on subsequent runs

Updating tags for stable v2.2

Updating README with guidance

Updating microkube v2.2.x

Updating container tags

Updating peatio seeds

Updating images

Updating template folder Removing mapping.yaml from config

Updating peatio tag

Updating containers and README.md

Updating Barong

Use local volume for geth (#44)

Add ability to import blockchain data from bucket

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #16 from openware/feature/masking

Merge pull request #9 from openware/feature/components-docs

Merge pull request #10 from openware/fix/api-keys-headers

Merge pull request #8 from openware/fix/peatio_seed

Merge pull request #7 from openware/fix/load_dump

Merge pull request #4 from openware/feature/private-git

Merge pull request #3 from openware/feature/gcloud

Merge pull request #2 from openware/fix/daemons

Merge pull request #1 from openware/fix/baseapp

Merge pull request #1 from rubykube/feature/rake_tasks