Quick start

#Run the mock server

node src/index.js

#Run the frontend server

  • Use the following application ID: 923937b3467b9ea668a5e9fdd573cc338a1ae529a46feb12a509b4eccf3f057b
  • Run the frontend application on http://localhost:4200


Use any user and password to login.

Use the following credentials to simulate specific scenarios:

ScenarioEmailPasswordLevelOTP code
Login a level 3 member**3
Login a level 1 memberuser1@peatio.tech1231231
Login a level 2 memberuser2@peatio.tech1231232
Login a level 3 adminadmin@peatio.tech1231233
Error invalid email or passwrong@peatio.tech123123
OTP code is requestedotp@peatio.tech123123
OTP code is validotp@peatio.tech123123123456
Login a level 3 admin towertoweradmin@barong.io1231233
Login a level 3 superadmin towersuperadmin@barong.io1231233
Login a level 3 accountant toweraccountant@barong.io1231233
Login a level 3 compliance towercompliance@barong.io1231233
Login a level 3 technical towertechnical@peatio.tech1231233
Login a level 3 support towersupport@barong.io1231233