#Version 0.0.3

Released 2019-06-20

Ability to output a yaml report (#4)

  • Ability to output a yaml report

  • Add started and completed time in report

  • Default the yaml report to a filename with the date

  • Calculate requests times

  • Improve stats computation to not leak and execute in constant time

Add various debug tools and minor improvements (#22)

Add Quick testing spec

Add public/markets endpoint to specs

Add a spec for peatio public timestamp endpoint

Adding example rspec

Changes required by peatio v2. Update ruby (#19)

  • Add start script & change endpoint

  • Refactor

  • Rename leftovers

  • Appended /api/v2 unless other was specified

  • Update ruby to 2.6.1

  • Remove debug stuff

Fix printed options

update ruby version

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #18 from Ohill/specs

Merge pull request #11 from m-an/feature/spec_for_public_api

Merge pull request #12 from m-an/update_ruby_version

#Version 0.0.2

Released 2018-05-23

Adding minor fix and image v0.0.2

#Version 0.0.1

Released 2018-05-23

Add min_volume, max_volume, volume_step, min_price, max_price, price_step options

Add Dockerfile

Add bin/stress_trading

Added base Makefile; switched image to Rubykube one

Fix typo

Fixes for bin/stress_trading

Improve docs at bin/stress_trading

Improve bin/stress_trading

Initial commit

Output avg orders per second.

Print used options.


Verbose Faraday errors.

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #2 from rubykube/makefile