#Version v2.3.5

Released 2019-09-23

Add support for new barong events (#40)

  • Upgrade golang to v1.13

  • Ability to bind signer to exchange (closes #43)

EventAPI providers can use multiple exchanges

  • Changed yaml configuration of exchanges. (Breaking!)
  • Added new events to default configuration.

#Version v2.3.4

Released 2019-09-06

Add documentation

#Version v2.3.3

Released 2019-09-06

Change charset to UTF-8

#Version v2.3.2

Released 2019-09-06

Refactor logging

#Version v2.3.1

Released 2019-09-06

Add validation of event payload

#Version v2.2.6

Released 2019-09-05

Fix templates (#35)

#Version v2.2.5

Released 2019-09-03

Support multiple event providers

  • Add peatio withdraw/deposit events into default configuration.
  • Ability to listen from multiple RabbitMQ exchanges.
  • Keychain support.
  • Event expression support.

#Version v2.2.4

Released 2019-09-02

Improve style of all email templates

#Version v2.2.3

Released 2019-08-30

Update README.md

Update overview.png

#Version v2.2.2

Released 2019-07-23

Feature: Add redeploy on devkube step to drone (#28)

#Version v2.2.1

Released 2019-06-20

#Version v2.2.0

Released 2019-06-20

Bump version to v2.2.0

#Version v0.0.18

Released 2019-06-20

Fix issues with scalability

#Version v0.0.17

Released 2019-06-13

Leveled JSON logging

Refactor AMQP connection retry feature

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #25 from openware/feature/leveled-json-log

#Version v0.0.16

Released 2019-05-30

Fix: change text for email verification templates

#Version v0.0.15

Released 2019-04-23

Handle amqp connection error

#Version v0.0.14

Released 2019-04-22

Fix bugs with rabbitmq & langs

  • Hardcode languages inside templates.
  • Panic in case of closed AMQP connection.

#Version v0.0.13

Released 2019-04-10

Update email templates

#Version v0.0.12

Released 2019-02-26

Fix: Copy event config instead of using pointer

#Version v0.0.11

Released 2019-02-25

Fix typo in Russian email template

#Version v0.0.10

Released 2019-02-25

Multi language support

Added configuration file with postmaster settings.

#Version v0.0.9

Released 2019-02-19

Remove deprecated helm chart

#Version v0.0.8

Released 2019-02-19

Get rid of "utils" package in favor of "env"

#Version v0.0.7

Released 2019-02-13

Feature: Ability to send custom emails

Gives ability to:

  • Mount file with email content
  • Export environment variable with absolute path inside container/machine.

Fix typo in package name

Require valuable environment variables on start

#Version v0.0.6

Released 2019-02-06

Add tests for mailer

Prettify go imports

Switch to pure SMTP library instead of SendGrid API

#Version v0.0.5

Released 2019-02-06

Add handling for "Reset Password Instructions"

Add step to push docker image

Add version bumping to drone pipeline

Add script for version bumping

Add drone pipeline

Add ability to set sender name

Add tests for mailconsumer package

Add testify dependency for assertions

Add helm chart

Add sendgrid-go vgo dependency

Add deployment files

Add system overview chapter

Add JWT parsing

Cleanup and chart update

Configure events consuming

Feature: Create git tags by CI

Fix typo in eventapi tests

Fix issues with certs in docker contrainer

Fix issues after migration to new event API

Fix issues with SengGrid mailer

Fix Dockerfile

Implement email sending using net/smtp

Initial commit

Light code refactoring

Make parsing reusable and move it eventapi

Make eventapi lib more flexible

Move error handling to one func

Refactor & Add tests for JWT parsing

Refactor into separate packages

Remove FRONTEND_DOMAIN & Add new env CONFIRM_URL (#2)

Rename helm chart

Start work

Switch to sendgrid-go

Update README.md

Update name of the package

Update structure to follow barong EventAPI 2.0

Update sign_up template