#Version 2.3.28

Released 2020-03-09

Feature: update mock files

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #114 from openware/feature/2-3-stable/update-mocks

#Version 2.3.27

Released 2020-01-24

Fix: update .drone.yml file

#Version 2.3.26

Released 2020-01-24

Enhancement: Update sdk image (#6)

Feature: disable to add a beneficiary if withdraw isn't enabled to user

Feature: add Google Analytics with gaTrackerKey in env.js (#79)

Feature: add markets to Trading Screen

Feature: change Trading Screen Layout

Feature: add geetest captcha

Feature: add geetest captcha

Fix: change recaptcha to captcha response

Fix: add response value to geetest

Fix: display geetest captcha after error

Fix: add geetest captcha polish

Fix: remove clear fields after sign up

Fix: add check for geetest captcha

Feature: add reload to captcha

Fix: change sign up test with recaptcha case

Feature: Update README.md file

Feature: Improve introduction and wrap-up in the readme header and footer

Feature: Update Drone CI to build and push images to Quay.io baseapp repo

Feature: Ability to fetch k-line, trades and tickers from arke proxy

Feature: move repo to react-scripts (#11)

  • Feature: move repo to react-scripts

  • Fix: [trading page] height for grid

  • Fix: import moment lib in helper

  • Fix: pre push git hooks

  • Fix: remove eslint warnings

Feature: add validation for date of birth on identity verification

Feature: refactor colors (#8)

  • Feature: remove unnecessary colors

  • Feature: remove hardcoded colors

Feature: remove unused lock screen

Feature: remove lite version

Feature: Integrate mockserver v2 and update deps

Fix: correct position for orderbook, if we have just asks

Fix: beneficiaries fail modal style polish

Fix: prevent double rendering with GA-Tracker usage

Fix: paint in red color error message at withdrawal history

Fix: change orderbook height

Fix: draggable element style polish

Fix: add translation for withdrawal error at history screen

Fix: change beneficiary fail modal to v2.3

Fix: orderbook style fixes

Fix: Trading Layout on medium screen

Fix: update node version in docker file

Fix: resend phone confirmation if phone already exist in DB

Fix: remove unused mocks (#33)

Fix: use new structure of trade at yours tab (#81)

Fix: change check for sell order (#31)

Fix: update .drone.yml file

Fix: Updating react version to 16.12

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #85 from openware/feature/backport-v2.3

#Version 2.3.25

Released 2019-12-09

add cross icon on forgot password / 2fa page (#339)

  • add cros icon on forgot password / 2fa page

  • Fix: add ability to return to sign in, if 2fa is enabled

  • Fix: add ability to go back from ForgotPassword page

Add tenko public key to readme


Add logo to KYC pages (#260)

  • Feature: add logo to KYC pages

Add colors from style guide (#162)

  • Feature: change styles for style guide

Add colors to recent trades (#29)

  • Add colors to recent trades

  • Add recent trades test

Baseapp Lite fixes (#1165)

  • Feature: change setting token to ls flow

  • Feature: fix enterprise version for exporting right containers

Baseapp: add condition to orderbook updts (#481)

  • Fix: filter orderbook event to match current market

Cancel all orders

Change date format (#713)

  • Change date format

Disable cypress tests on stage

Enhancement: switch to rsync for mock cloud asset copy CI (#1739)

Enhancement: Config and build process documentation update (#1696)

Co-authored-by: Valentine Shatravenko <vshatravenko@heliostech.fr>

Enhancement: Update the mock staging CI step

Feature: Update Drone CI to build and push images to Quay.io baseapp repo (#24)

Feature: add loading state to incremental

Feature: change trading layout

Feature: add adaptiveness to market depth

Feature: incremental order book support (#1765)

Peatio introduced the support of incremental order-book from version 2.4 You can enable this feature in frontend with the following configuration in env.js:

  incrementalOrderBook: true

Feature: add version file (#1750)

Feature: Update the CI to use SDK for version bumps (#1734)

Feature: add create order user errors (#1666)

  • Feature: add create order user errors
  • Feature: add values to order errors
  • Feature: add multiple alerts, add check for max price

Feature: fix redirection for pending user and phone redirection (#1436)

  • Feature: fix redirection for pending user and phone redirection
  • Fix: add translation for confirmation

Feature: save refid into localstorage if it exists

Feature: add adaptiveness for trading screen (#1390)

Feature: add ability to edit profile identity

Feature: add ability to toggle 2FA (#1349)

  • Feature: add ability to toggle 2FA

  • Feature: change focus fields state

  • Fix: change two factor code check

Feature: add beneficiaries story (#1214)

  • Feature: add beneficiaries module

  • Feature: add whitelist component

  • Feature: change whitelist styles

  • Feature: change whitelist response

  • Feature: change withdrawal payload

  • Feature: change whitelist behaviour after withdrawal

  • Feature: add fiat whitelist dropdown

  • Feature: refactor add address modal, add fiat modal

  • Feature: add fiat confirmation modal

  • Feature: change withdrawal confirm modal

  • Fix: change whitelist withdrawal details

  • Feature: rename whitelist to beneficiaries

Feature: update baseapp for peatio-2-3 (#1209)

  • Feature: update baseapp to for peatio-2-3

  • Feature: change trade model

Feature: add sidebar, cleanup navbar, refactoring (#1173)

  • Feature: add sidebar, cleanup navbar

  • Feature: test drone staging

  • Fix: unexpected sidebar opening

  • Feature: update sidebar, add market info

  • Feature: rework ga, style fixes, trading optimization

  • Fix: update navbar, hmb toogle btn

  • Fix: make marker search responsive, update colors for change

  • Fix: change color on lng selector hover

Feature: add Google Analytics with gaTrackerKey in env.js (#1113)

Feature: add highlighting to changing values (#1012)

  • Feature: add highlighting to orderbook and recent trades values

  • Feature: change opacity of hightlighted values

Feature: lite mode with license (#1022)

  • Feature: add feature locker

  • Feature: add locker for withdraw

  • Feature: add license checker

  • Feature: add checker for token request, update expiration date logic

  • Fix: change field name expire_at

  • Feature: Implement CI to automatically build and push to quay lite version

  • Fix: Rework container build process

  • Remove unnecessary dockerfiles

  • Add baseapp lite envs to build args

  • Add step for baseapp lite image build and push

  • Do not include enterprice containers in lite build

  • Document how to work on enterprise version

Feature: add identity inputs validation

Feature: add uid to wallets deposit info

Feature: add number of confirmations to deposit history

Feature: add confirmations number to currencies

Feature: add min confirmation number to wallets deposit history

Feature: add displaying of confirmations count

Feature: Async order cancelling (#912)

  • Feature: Asynchronous order cancelling process to make sure we remove orders from the open orders list once the backend confirm the cancellation

Feature: add current market info to browser tab

Feature: change light theme styles (#987)

  • Feature: change light theme styles

  • Feature: add color theme switch to mobile menu

  • Feature: change light theme styles

  • Feature: change input fields colors

  • Feature: change trading chart colors

  • Feature: change sort markets icons

  • Feature: move chart color settings to custom

  • Feature: change hardcoded colors with constants

  • Feature: add hex to rgba conversion

  • Feature: add color theme check to layout

  • Feature: add light theme styles to kyc

Feature: Add obfuscation to container build (#982)

Feature: add change color theme module (#953)

  • Feature: add change color theme module
  • Feature: add light mode colors

Feature: refactor color setting

Feature: [Trading page] sort in market selector

Feature: add custom layouts

Feature: Your trades tab on Recent trades (#387)

  • Feature: Display user recent trades on trading UI with real time update
  • Feature: Hide user recent trades to not logged in

Feature: add english language customization

Feature: add new languages customization

Feature: List API keys without 2fa (#892)

  • Feature: List API keys without 2fa
  • Fix: add tests to api keys sagas

Feature: add checkers for api keys 2fa modal

Feature: add action to set order type

Feature: add trading chart config (#824)

  • Feature: add trading chart config

  • Fix: add chart config in custom folder

Feature: add setAmount related modules

Feature: fetch and use time range and time precision of trading view (#660)

  • Feature: add updating kline time range and period

  • Fix: refactor trading chart api, add timescale marks listener

Feature: Allow for manual build obfuscation

  • Update the README with obfuscation instructions

Feature: fix ngnix.conf (#728)

Feature: [User Activity] user agent (#693)

Feature: hide reset layout functionality

Feature: persistent custom trade UI layout

Feature: Implement Gitolite publish to the CI

Feature: add saga withdrawLimit

Feature: add profile identity saga

Feature: Update balance every 3 sec

Feature: Limit CI concurrency to 2 simultaneous builds

Feature: unify time on whole platform (#607)

  • Feature: unify time on whole platform

  • Fix: invalid date in recent trades

Feature: update component version

Feature: ability to override CSS variables (#601)

Feature: time lock screen (#583)

Feature: add webpack obfuscator (#451)

  • Fix: separate bundle for node_modules

  • Feature: Ability to lock domain with JS Obfuscator

  • Feature: add footer with expire date

Feature: add fetch currencies saga (#604)

Feature: add new history saga (#525)

  • Feature: add new history saga

Feature: update helpers and tests for helpers (#514)

Feature: market order price estimation base on orderbook volumes

Feature: [OPEX-484] add new loader (#396)

Feature: Add estimated balance (#429)

Feature: [OPEX-575] Move components to baseapp (#412)

  • Feature: move WalletList from components to baseapp

  • Feature: move deposit component to baseapp (#409)

  • Feature: move WalletItem from components to baseapp

  • Feature: Add style files for components EmailForm, SignIn, SignUp

  • Feature: move tabPanel to baseApp

  • Feature: move Modal to baseApp

  • Feature: move Order to baseApp

  • Feature: Move History to BaseApp

  • Feature: Move OpenOrders to BaseApp

  • Feature/deposit withdraw (#414)

  • Feature: move components related to deposit and withdraw

  • Fix: make TabPanel stateless component

  • Fix: make WalletList stateless component

  • Feature: move containers to screens, change set title logic

  • Feature: Move ChangeForgottenPassword from containers to screens

  • Feature: move signup container to screens

  • Fix: move containers to screens

    • Fix: move EmailVerification container
    • Fix: move ForgotPassword container
    • Fix: move HistoryTab container
  • Feature: move wallets container to screens

  • Feature: add tests for EmailVerification, ForgotPassword, History screens

  • Feature: Move Confirm container to screens

  • Feature: move Profile and ProfileTwoFactorAuth container to screen

  • Fix: fix broken rebasing

  • Feature: move OrdersTab container to OrdersTabScreen

  • Feature: add title to Profile Order tab and Profile2fa screens

  • Fix: refactor confirm and history screen

  • Feature: add bootsrap grid

  • Feature: responsive navbar and header

  • Feature: rework styles for profile page to make it responsive

  • Feature: add some responsiveness for wallets

  • Feature: add responsive for history

  • Feature: add some responsiveness for history

  • Feature: make enabling 2fa page responsive

  • Feature: add responsive for orders

  • Feature: update navbar logic

  • Feature: move orderform component

Feature: add kline saga with tests (#478)

Feature: OPEX-558 Refactor create new order (#421)

Feature: [OPEX-593] Put cursor pointer on clickable elements (#430)

Feature: add ToolBar component (#168)

  • Feature: add functionality and styles for dropdown

  • Fix: Improve toolbar with additional stats

  • Fix: Change trading screen layout

Feature: add orderbook component (#426)

  • Feature: add new orderbook component

Feature: add pending icon to profile page (#379)

Feature: add ability to display iconUrl from peatio (#393)

Feature: connect markets on trading page to router (#378)

  • Feature: connect markets on trading page to router

  • Fix: create url helper, add tests

  • Fix: cleanup helpers

Feature: Add auto focus on field (#383)

Feature: OPEX-571 Disable submit button (#395)

Feature: accept new password by pressing enter (#394)

Feature: OPEX-559 Reorder components on trading UI (#377)

Feature: OPEX-549 Reset password has no translation (#360)

Feature: add pagination to account activity (#363)

Feature: Add api keys module

Feature: OPEX-513 add selected Key for first render Markets component (#293)

  • Feature: add selected Key for first render Markets component

  • Fix: Upgrade @openware/components dependency

Feature: bufferize messages when ranger connection is not ready

Feature: [OPEX-255] Successful signup, email verification massage (#270)

Feature: add translation for barong and peatio errors, handle unactiveuser in signin (#205)

Feature: add tests for screens and route (#294)

  • Feature: add tests for screens

  • Feature: add tests for Layout

Feature: add test for App (#289)

Feature: add ability to change url for peatio and barong (#279)

  • Feature: add ability to change url for peatio and barong

Feature: translate success alerts (#276)

Feature: color open orders improvement (#277)

Feature: Refactor data-layer to prefix modules with public or user (#274)

  • Feature: Refactor data-layer to prefix modules with public or user

  • Fix: select in tests raises

Feature: split openOrder and ordersHistory modules (#256)

  • Feature: divide orders module

  • Feature: move cancel all orders to orders history

  • Feature: add tests for updated sagas

  • Feature: add cancel to open orders

  • Feature: incremental update of openOrders list using ranger events

  • Fix: introduce explicit types to match orders object from API, from ranger and a OrderCommon that is compatible

  • Fix: dispatch order update only when market matches the current market

Feature: styles for copy btn, added alerts on copy btn and withdrawal address field (#258)

Feature: Add version to master deployment slack notification

Feature: add tests for components directory (#252)

Feature: Organize structure of baseapp (#193)

  • Feature: rename components to containers
  • Feature: organize signin component and container
  • Feature: organize signup component and contaner
  • Feature: organize emailForm component and forgotPassword contaner

Feature: Reorder components on trading page (#189)

Feature: Trading chart live update (#164)

Feature: Treading chart live update using k-line events from ranger

Feature: add zh locale file (#184)

Feature: Orders tab refactor (#155)

Feature: add split for order component (#179)

Feature Split 2 PRs: #153 & #156 (#175)

  • Feature: pass refId param to SignUp component

  • Feature: add referal link copy field

Feature: update qr styles (#177)

Feature: Global update (#163) [MINOR-BUMP]

  • Feature: add i18n module for multilanguage

Feature: Build docker container for every push in CI (#157)

Feature: Adding Cypress in Drone pipeline

Feature: Adding cypress with a simple login test

Feature: Implement fixed to balance and locked

Feature: add captchaType to signup component, update env.js (#131)

Feature: add history block to wallets (#102)

  • Feature: add history block to wallets

  • Feature: implement pagination on wallets history

  • Feature: add test for api calls, actions and selectors

  • Fix: update tests, components, etc

  • Feature: add unit tests to WalletHistory

Feature: ranger connect on different urls for unauthorized and authorized users

Feature: add tests for helpers, history/deposits and history/withdraws, auth modules (#113)

  • Feature: add tests for helpers

  • Feature: add tests for history module

    • Add tests for history/deposits module
    • Add tests for history/withdraws module
  • Feature: add tests for auth module

Feature: add tests for kyc and error, markets modules (#112)

  • Feature: add tests for phone module

  • Feature: add tests for identity module

  • Feature: add tests for documents module

  • Feature: add tests for error module

  • Feature: add tests for markets module

  • Fix: Remove extra unnecessary empty file

  • Feature: add tests for constants

Feature: Ranger support of peatio-core ranger v0.4.5 (#105)

Feature: Implement data formatting for digits (#89)

Feature: update wallets ui (#55)

  • Feature: update wallets ui

Feature: prefill price by recent trades (#87)

Feature: Upgrade components and some dependencies to get latest updates (#77)

Feature: use new data from API markets (#57)

Feature: delete fees from orders module Fix: Change the initial state of currentMarket to undefined

Feature: combine market depth & orderbook (#30)

  • Feature: combine market depth & orderbook

  • Fix: accumulate total column, reverse asks

  • Fix: display market depth in asks and bids

  • Feature: tests for asks & bids

Feature: Add the ranger support (#20)

  • Feature: Add the ranger support
  • Fix: Split Trade type to PublicTrade and PrivateTrade

Feature: Improve wallets list style (#28)

Feature: Add modal to SignUp component

Feature: update trades history styles

Feature: update withdraw history styles

Feature: update deposit history styles

Feature: run lint before push

Feature: Update .gitignore file

Feature: Improve UI styles of buy/sell screen

Feature: Update with latest cryptobase-v2 commits

Feature: Integration of drone

Fix: websocket subscribe to default market streams (#1783)

Fix: do not set loading on incremental order depth when subscribing to the same previous market

Fix: incremental orderbook brakes when orderbook is empty

Fix: disable drag n drop layout

Fix: change price column alignment

Fix: display OrderBook when other side is empty (#1712)

Fix: change order book background styles (#1686)

Fix: change create order precision (#1664)

Fix: change sidebar links styles (#1597)

Fix: Ranger switch markets make sure the market is defined (#1649)

Fix: Remove hardcoded confirmations number

Fix: remove unnecessary refresh after withdrawal

Fix: Add currency to symbol information to Trading view container to avoid displaying default value USD

Fix disable absolute_redirect in nginx config

Fix: logic for phone verification (#1425)

Fix: Create a unique name for common js file for the build to avoid caching problems

Fix: update switcher depends on 2fa status (#1411)

Fix: remove confirm screen crashing (#1384)

Fix: move VerificationScreen file to folder (#1376)

Fix: add check on withdrawal history

Fix: new api key secret format (#1224)

Fix: change version guard wrapper

Fix drone file for Enterprise and Lite build steps (MINOR-BUMP)

Fix: ranger connection bug (#1231) (#1232)

Fix 2.2 versionning compatiblity

Fix documentation about .npmrc

Fix: add npm auth token to the dockerfile

Fix: fetch npm auth token from drone secrets

Fix lite build, displays tenko key or die

Fix: set REACT_APP_BUILD_VERSION var from args

Fix: fix version guard and exporting some containers (#1163)

Fix: change mobile recaptcha styles

Fix: [Trading page] 24h volume change to base_unit

Fix: sidebar for mobile mode

Fix: withdrawal address input type

Fix: error text in en.ts

Fix: BF-115 color of text

Fix: fetch wallet address

Fix: [Profile page] styles for toggle button

Fix: styles for input kyc step-3

Fix: cleanup index.html

Fix: add shadow to security 2fa modal

Fix: change color theme switch

Fix: remove basic translations from custom

Fix: remove unused trial drone pipeline

Fix: hide values names when orderbook is small

Fix: add translation

Fix: change market model according peatio v.2.2.14

Fix: timezone STD list

Fix: swap date and price in recentTrades

Fix: change BCH address validate

Fix: Remove map files from builds

Fix: Add source map analyser to dependencies

Fix: styles for profile page

Fix: change trading UI header stats styles

Fix: refactor evaluation, add precision (#875)

  • Fix: refactor evaluation, add precision

  • Fix: add secondary valuation conditional rendering

  • Fix: update components version

Fix: [Wallet page] NaN in Estimated value

Fix: update component's code, yarn.lock

Fix: layout min height (#639)

  • Fix: layout min height

  • Fix: fix sign up height

Fix: create helper for date input

Fix: width for button on API Keys modal window

Fix: order book and recent trades header

Fix: KYC profile doesn't send Citizenship in metadata

Fix: add translation for skipped status in withdraw history

Fix: [Wallets page] error if fiat first currency

Fix: api key update_at time dont update on frontend

Fix: empty deposit address (#714)

Fix: error on wallet page if first currency fiat

Fix: return empty array in error.message if no error.message from response

Fix: stop updating balance if user logs out

Fix: add phone api call

Fix: refactoring saga history

Fix: saga withdraw limit

Fix: Disable sctrict host checking for Gitolite publishing

Fix: Update the baseapp git origin for the CI

Fix: rename profileIdentity to identity

Fix: unify time on wallet page deposit and withdraw history

Fix: KYC Phone unexpected behavior when phone is already been used/co… (#630)

  • Fix: KYC Phone unexpected behavior when phone is already been used/confirmed

Fix: remove wrong licence file

Fix: set timezone based on current user location

Fix: update balance only if logged in

Fix: remove useless storage config button on trading chart

Fix: KYC issues on identity and document verification

  • Fix: wrong message when user passed identity verification

    • Fix: prevent uploading more than 5 documents

Fix: order book hidden data

Fix: [Order] unable to change price if it's set as priceLimit (#619)

  • Fix: [Order] unable to change price if it is set as priceLimit

  • Fix: change currentPrice type to number | undefined

Fix: use exact components version in package.json

Fix: fix order book asks should be on the right and bids on the left

Fix: footer margin fixes (#611)

Fix: fix order book breakpoint (#600)

Fix: Market selector should cut markets on search field. Right now it is earlier (#590)

Fix: Order book. Asks columns incorrect

Fix translations of success for Phone (KYC)

Fix: Remove zh language translations (#573)

Fix: Fix for order type selection when translated (#572)

  • Fixed order type selection for translated form
  • Aligned date in the OpenOrders table

Fix: add orderbook translation (#576)

Fix: add account does not exist case (#568)

Fix: navbar user menu (#553)

Fix: problem of unsubscribe to 12h period

Fix: reset orders history state while switch tabs

Fix: loader position

Fix: balance request loop (#530)

Fix: connect alerts to baseapp colors (#542)

Fix: new history saga symbols fix (#536)

Fix: total price calc (#528)

Fix: reset password page reload (#526)

Fix: [Buy/Sell] Marker order price

Fix: market selector UI (#516)

Fix: connect market selector color to base colors (#483)

Fix: [Profile page & 2fa] style (#513)

Fix: trading screen tables on mobile view (#515)

Fix: BF-36 email redirects to incorrect language (#510)

Fix: deposit copyable field (#500)

Fix: BF-35 Unify language for postmaster from frontend (#499)

Fix: BF-35 Unify language for postmaster from frontend

Fix: Real time update of the trading UI for 1d, 3d periods

Fix: market order last price (#486)

Fix: sort asks for OrderBook (#477)

Fix: no balance on trading page (#475)

Fix: rename trades type to taker_type (#470)

Fix: Incorrect price selection when trader click on asks on order book (#432)

Fix: Create order crypto icon margin (#435)

Fix: add needed translations (#434)

Fix: safary inputs and buttons styles (#431)

Fix: display field on identity page (#386)

Fix: When user open trading page, there is no available balance (#417)

Fix: change endpoint for withdraw fees (#420)

Fix: [Profile page] Identity verified pending (#425)

Fix: position of switcher for api keys in profile screen (#422)

Fix: unsuccessful password change msg (#418)

Fix: Display origin_volume in amount column (#415)

Fix: Set chart after page refresh (#413)

Fix: style for two factor authentication (#408)

Fix: Size of icons on wallets (#407)

  • Fix: Size of icons on wallets

  • Fix: Display icon from peatio on deposit and withdraw

Fix: qr code on toggle2fa (#404)

Fix: Alerts with success message (#402)

Fix: Update yarn.lock

Fix: Trading UI markets scroll (#401)

Fix: [OPEX-562][Document uploader] Fix text (#389)

  • Fix: [OPEX-562][Document uploader] Fix text

Fix: confirm document dropdown height (#380)

Fix: [OPEX-570] Error translation (#399)

Fix: align for Profile page (#382)

Fix: style for input when deposit address is missing (#384)

Fix: OPEX-568 Allign numbers on trading page to the right (#391)

Fix: [Error translation] phone number is invalid (#400)

Fix: OPEX-535 remove u flag from regular expression (#369)

Fix: [Trading page] scrolls bar on Firefox (#390)

Fix: OPEX-568 Allign numbers on trading page to the right

Fix: copyable field issues (#392)

Fix: [OPEX-454][Identiti Verification] Translation errors (#397)

Fix: Verification Email Window style (#373)

Fix: login with 2FA by pressing Enter (#371)

  • Fix: login with 2FA by pressing Enter

Feature: update components version

  • Feature: Enter key for ApiKeys 2FA, Profile enable 2FA

Fix: Extend api keys tests (#372)

Fix: copyable text field on create API key page (#361)

Fix: Remove buttons in copyAbleTextField and add styles (#323)

  • Fix: add fieldset for copyAbleTextField

  • Fix: styles for copyAbleTextField

Fix: dropdown label text color (#374)

Fix: User activity request (#375)

Fix: don't display error 'Failed to decode cookies' for user (#370)

Fix: improve alerts module (#318)

  • Fix: improve alerts module

  • Feature: add tests for alert module

Fix: [OPEX-533] Login 2fa style should be same color with border selection (#347)

Fix: OPEX-545 Profile API keys & Account Activity style according to Figma (#350)

Fix: profile level 3 before doc verification (#353)

Fix: Delete HARDCODED color (#356)

Fix: styles on reset password page (#365)

Fix: 2fa error message (#367)

Fix: trading ui scrolls fixes (#366)

Fix: OPEX-525 fix styles on change password page (#326)

Fix typo (#359)

Fix: [OPEX-548] Show error everywhere correctly (#351)

Fix: create new order buttons styles (#329)

Fix: display error if user provide incorrect 2fa code and fix redirect to verification (#314)

Fix: style on withdraw page (#305)

Fix: OPEX-527 displaying error inside deposit address (#319)

Fix: OPEX-521 fix stop all button placement (#316)

Fix: order book UI fixes (#335)

Fix: close modal after successfully changed password (#343)

Fix: remove padding on trading ui (#346)

Fix: create order component resize (#313)

Fix: [Trading page] change colors for Recent Trades (#341)

Fix: OPEX-537 Resend confirmation email missing translation

Fix: OPEX-529 button should have enabled style

Fix: update method to patch

Fix: style for api keys module

Fix: CI to push new tag only after pushing the new ref to master

Fix: CI to push new tag only after pushing the new ref to master

Fix: Do not overwrite currently selected market (#337)

  • Fix: add an action setCurrentMarketIfUnset to not overwrite current selected market when fetching markets again

  • Fix: markets module tests and clean code

Fix: OPEX-528 [Sign Up] Errors should be colored (#321)

Fix: jumping password field placeholder (#328)

Fix: terminates previous ranger reader/writer/watcher before creating new when reconnecting to websocket

Fix: test ranger reconnect behaviour Fix: Cleanup ranger tests

Fix: OPEX-519 [Profile Page] Account activity result do not have colors on other lang (#306)

Fix: OPEX-523 Strange space on selector in the header only if user login (#311)

Fix: OPEX-522 On wallet page incorrect (tab) selector color (#312)

Fix: [Market Depths] swap currencies places for Cumulative volume (#295)

Fix: 401 alert on trading ui (#310)

  • Fix: Do not display errors on balance fetch

  • Fix: Clean alert code

  • Fix: default minutes until auto logout to 5 minutes

  • Fix: Add test of delete of error and success alerts after some time

Fix: Signup page crash (#309)

Fix: rename alert actions to pushAlertSuccess and pushAlertError

Fix: update zh translation file (#299)

Fix: [Reset Password] inactive button CHANGE (#288)

Fix: remove sorting from orders page as it is already sorted from backend (#296)

Fix: align styles for Deposit Address part (#303)

Fix: OPEX-496 Resend conformation styles (#304)

Fix: prevent inputs jumping on SignUp (#302)

Fix: sign in event with 2fa (#300)

Fix: change convert order (for new version of peatio) (#297)

  • Fix: change convert order from peatio api & ranger private update

  • Fix: change amount in third column - OpenOrders

Fix: change english translations (#298)

Fix: styles on 2fa page (#292)

Fix: responsive background in Order-Book (#280)

Fix: styles on forgot password page (#271)

Fix: OPEX-508 Disable 2fa on user profile should be colored in red (#281)

Fix: remove oldPasswordValidation and fix border (#284)

  • Fix: remove oldPasswordValidation and fix border

  • Fix: after code review

Fix: polish code for translations (#286)

Fix: OPEX-502 openOrders - convert success order in reducer (#283)

  • Fix: change openorders - convert success order

  • Fix: resolve to immutable states

Fix: Profile page correction (#254)

Fix: OPEX-458 fix styles on sign in & sign up pages (#267)

Fix: OPEX-485 [Sign In] Unexpected behavior when user enter wrong password (#273)

Fix: OPEX-477 fix some words in English translation (#272)

  • Fix: OPEX-477 fix some words in English translation

Fix: OPEX-465 save subscriptions and re-subscribe after ranger reconnect (#266)

  • Fix: save subscriptions and re-subscribe after ranger connection is lost
  • Fix: clean code and add tests for helpers

Fix: regular expression for password validation (#265)

Fix: [Identity verification] Problem with autocomplete (#263)

Fix: KYC Identity Verification - switch between rows by TAB (#248)

Fix: OPEX-451 [Documnet Uploader] Bug with long name of document (#262)

Fix: OPEX-348 align message no data (#259)

Fix: phone verification styles fixes (#261)

Fix: set first market from list as current when return to trading from other page (#264)

Fix: two call when change interval (#253)

Fix: redirect to signin when user confirm profile one more time (#244)

Fix: Refactor CI (#255)

  • Fix: Disable drone trigger on PR
  • Fix: refactor drone file to have specific pipelines for PR branches and master

Fix: add error to DepositCrypto (#226)

Fix: menu colors on mobile (#242)

Fix: reset password UI fixes (#240)

Fix styles for order component (#221)

Fix: styles for order component

Fix: logout problem issue (#234)

Fix: Miss space in text Enable 2fa (#235)

Fix: change color for dropdown hover in order component (#232)

Fix: profile dropdown - remove KYC button, fix align on different languages, fit length (#236)

Fix: delete hardcode colors from pcss (#227)

Fix: console errors when user trying to logout from wallets page (#225)

Fix: set language at page refresh (#228)

Fix: remove all global tslint:disable and fix errors OPEX-431 (#218)

  • Fix: remove all global tslint:disable and fix errors

  • Fix: remove debug in tests

  • Fix: add prettier configuration in package.json

Fix: add variable for create order text (#220)

Fix: User should see loader when documents are uploading (#213)

Fix: styles for button and focus fields (#219)

Fix: dont handle 401 errors (#210)

Fix: OPEX-348 align no data message (#214)

Fix: [Document uploader] Doesnt work for specific type of document (#211)

Fix: change fixed for withdrawing amount (#209)

Fix: available balances displayed in Order in both market currencies (#206)

  • Fix: WIP available ammount display in order book

  • Fix: update Order to display available balance for both market currencies

Fix: Minor styling tweaks

Fix: SignIn SignUp ForgotPassword colors (#208)

Fix: orderBook UI style fixes (#202)

Fix: using global variables style (#203)

Fix: Minor ProfilePage style fixes (#204)

  • Fix: Minor ProfilePage style fixes

  • Fix: Move referral program block to profile details

Fix: add css var for profile url (#201)

Fix: Test kline module and ranger support (#199)

Fix: email validation regular expression (#198)

Fix: Create new order padding styles (#197)

Fix: style improvements for user menu and KYC part (#196)

Fix: create order styles (#192)

  • Fix: create order styles

  • Fix: create order input styles, refactor

Fix: Add precision for deposit history on wallets (#194)

Fix: add translations to referral program and open orders (#195)

Fix: fix crash on klin event (#191)

Fix: change color of menu bar in tradingview (#190)

  • Fix: change color of menu bar in tradingview

  • Fix: move css file from /public to /public/css

Fix: cancel order & remove console.logs (#188)

Fix: take color for navbar dropdown from style guide (#187)

Fix: issue with dob in confirming identity page (#186)

Fix: hardcode colors on signin/signup/emailForm (#185)

Fix: separate market depth (#158)

Fix: authorization UI styles fixes (#183)

Fix: phone verification users input (#171)

Fix: Run tests first in CI and build only if it successes (#173)

Fix: signUp event with refId (#182)

Fix: Move tslint dependency to dev (#166)

Fix: cypress run in master branch (#181)

Fix: update components with localization (#172)

  • Feature: move EmailForm to baseapp
    • Feature: add translation for forgot password component
    • Feature: add translation for modals in withdraw component
    • Fix: translation for ccy withdraw
    • Fix: translation for fiat withdraw
    • Fix: translation for tables if there are no data to show
    • Fix: add translation for all components

Fix: Fix for Asks headers after translations (#170)

Fix: handle ranger disconnect (#169)

  • Fix: Reconnect ranger when disconnect

  • Fix: enable back ranger tests

  • Fix: change echo server port to 9100 in test to avoid conflicts with microkube

Fix: OPEX-322 Display only available resolutions (#147)

  • Fix: Display only available resolutions

  • Fix: Fix for 30m, 1d, 1w periods

Fix: Auto filling price from empty recent trades (#161)

Fix: add fixed to render withdraw props (#160)

Fix: session logout cookies error

Fix: accept only digits in phone input (#144)

  • Fix: accept only digits in phone input

  • Fix: kyc dropdown style

Fix: Public events trades color (type) is missing OPEX-333 (#152)

Fix: add push tags to drone (#154)

Fix: move functions from asks & bids to helpers (#151)

Fix: insert EmailForm component (#141)

Fix: update component version (#149)

Fix: single fetching of orderbook (#136)

Fix: Clear current price field after buy/sell, change market, change page (#140)

  • Fix: Clear current price field after buy, sell, change market, change page

  • Fix: move selectCurrentPrice from orderbook to orders modul

Fix: Connect to the current market at init (#142)

Fix: change structure of redirect non-authorized user

Fix: disable ability come to the forgot password pages for logged in users

Fix: handle negative cases on forgot password page

Fix: change current wallets ui to correct one

Fix: disable sending future birth date & past doc_expiration date

Fix: handle NaN in OpenOrders Filled column (#137)

Fix: update component version (#134)

Fix: add orders update tests (#138)

Fix: duplicating api calls on history tab (#118)

Fix: sign up form padding (#135)

Fix: pcss for up to recaptcha (#133)

Fix: OPEX-286 Resize grid item stays visible

Fix: add sitekey in drone.yml

Fix: change require2fa to false when logout

Fix: Add .npmrc for docker build

Fix: sort orderbook by price, accumulate volume from amount

Fix: Catch exception in Trading component unmount

Fix: Remove Buy/Sell page

Fix: move siteKey to env.js

Fix: OPEX-265 orders precision. Refactor orders

Fix: correct display withdraw amount in confirmation modal

Fix: fix asks and bids handleOnSelect function

Fix: Profile page bug scroll

Fix: market reducer was mixing market and ticker loading states

Fix: Broken style while sign in with enabled 2FA (#111)

Fix: add user activity module (#106)

Fix: check websocket connection state before writing to it (#103)

Fix: Update components version

Fix: getting user data after login with 2fa (#90)

Fix: clear withdraw values if user switch wallet (#85)

Fix: add profile activity from barong (#101)

Fix: formatting doc expiration date

Fix: error message on login with empty 2fa code

Fix: change forgotten password styles

Fix: exchange page - validation for volume that is less or equal to zero

Fix: wrong redirection link on logo

Fix: when change current market don't create new chart = only update current market (#95)

Fix: Update components version

Fix: Update components version

Fix: OPEX-211 Don't change to and from values on order form (#92)

Fix: OPEX-165 Minor fixes for Insert New Order (#91)

Fix: user market precision for displaying price and amount correctly in openOrdersTab component (#83)

Fix: phone verification form (#88)

Fix: change withdraw confirmation message (#84)

Fix: market change colors (#86)

Fix: OPEX-191 Fix ForgotPassword screen styles (#78)

Fix: show balance on default market when go to trading from wallets page (#82)

Fix: reset users balance when autologout and redirect to trading (#80)

Fix: exchange page functionality (#76)

  • Fix: exchange page functionality

  • Feature: add tests for Exchange component

Fix: OPEX-203 Executed and cost remaining columns (#79)

Fix: add price and 24h change to markets component (#46)

Feature: Update ranger tickers format

Fix: OPEX-211 Don't change to and from values on order form

Fix: OPEX-204 Swapped columns on History page

Fix: borders on wallets page

Fix: fix disappear excange input

Fix: OPEX-196 Break email if it's too long (#75)

Fix: rename Recent Trades (#66)

Fix: update ui for buy/sell (#67)

Fix: redirect to enable 2fa instead of disable 2fa in wallets (#68)

Fix: nav-bar border color (#69)

Fix: Order component with currency with more or less than 3 digits (#64)

Fix: changes in open order section (#62)

Fix: fix problem with sign in (#63)

Fix: clear user balance when logout (#51)

Fix: buy/sell alignment styles (#52)

Fix: Add date component to birthday field (#53)

Fix: rename and reorder RecentTrades rows (#56)

  • Fix: rename and reorder RecentTrades rows

  • Fix: change time format in RecentTrades

  • Update TradingScreen.tsx

Fix: fix problem in new order when change market (#39)

Fix: change withdraw availability for 'fiat' and 'coin' types (#60)

  • Fix: make withdraw component available just for users with enabled 2fa

  • Fix: change display of withdraw form for fiat

Fix: change class for withdraw button

Fix: SignUp modal message (#44)

Fix: add tests for wallets module

Fix: rework withdraw event for ccy

Fix: fix enable 2fa errors (#41)

  • Fix: fix enable 2fa errors

  • Fix: rename change 2fa actions to enable

Fix: fix Identity card upload (#49)

Fix recent trades side (#38)

Fix: fix documents upload (#45)

Fix: show modal after Sign Up (#33)

Fix: displaying document name (#21)

Fix: email confirmation params (#36)

  • Fix: email confirmation params

  • Fix: test token extraction

Fix: minor style fixes

Fix: user verification from mail (#32)

Fix: Combine Open orders with Recent Trades (#23)

  • Fix: Combine Open orders with Recent Trades

  • Fix: Open orders vilible only for logged user

  • Fix: fix headers in trade screen

  • Feature: Update with new components library version

Fix: (OPEX-127) Remove console errors (#25)

Fix: Recent Trades TimeDate bug

Fix: Exclude charting library from coverage report (#19)

Fix: Clean user orders and trades modules (#26)

  • Fix: Clean user orders and trades modules

  • Fix: Config getters to allow dynamic configuration

  • Feature: Add selector to filter trades of the current market

  • Fix: Add side to trades mocks

Fix: change confirmation link

Fix: run tests without runInBand

Fix: add some minor fixes

Fix: Remove hardcoded market

Fix: redesign profile page

Fix: open orders issue

Fix: rename advanced path

Fix: fast fix for change password

Fix: rename advanced trading

Fix: Incorrect 2fa toggle mode

Fix: limit recent trades array

Fix: KYC documents style

Fix: KYC api calls endpoints, change kyc stage after a successfull one

Fix: update drone yml

Fix: Add default env.js, update components version for fix styles issue

Fix: fix file name issue

Fix: remove lerna from circleci config

fix: chart was always displaying loading status

Hotfix display tenko public key in build

Implement obfuscation for the CI

Initial commit

Insert new order styles (#31)

Lock domain on mockserver build

move error message up to be visible at small screens (#34)

Open orders redesign.

Opex 337 add resend confirmation button to confirmation alert (#229)

  • Feature: add email resend verification screen

  • Feature: add resend email validation saga

  • Fix: set styles using variables

  • Feature: add tests for api calls

Prepare for 2.2 release (MINOR-BUMP)

Ranger connection (#130)

  • Feature: update ranger connect flow
  • Feature: Add subscription to market depth updates
  • Feature: Add helpers to subscribe to kline updates

Ready for MAJOR-BUMP

Refactor russian localization (#423)

  • Refactor Russian localization

  • Fix: delete non used translations

Rename Open Orders to Orders (#48)

Sorting of orders

update KYC design (#18)

  • Fix: add close button for KYC

  • Fix: update KYC design

  • Fix: update style code

  • Fix: add preventDefault function

  • Fix: fix styles in documents

Update documentation

Update en.ts

fix text

Update en.ts (#663)

Update yarn.lock

Update ru.ts

Fix russian translation

Update en.ts

Fix typo

Update ru.ts (#626)

Fix RU translation

Update ru.ts (#625)

Fix typo in RU translation

Update en.ts (#624)

Fix typo

Update index.tsx (#585)

Update en.ts (#411)

Fix English translation

Update pipeline for cypress test (#364)

Update README.md


Use lables to know where to lead user on KYC steps (#116)

  • Feature: add label saga

  • Fix: test label saga and reducer

wip KYX

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #1043 from openware/fix/sidebar

Merge pull request #1076 from openware/feature/identity-validation

Merge pull request #1046 from openware/fix/24volume

Merge pull request #1039 from openware/fix/withdrawal-address

Merge pull request #1037 from openware/feature/wallets-reference-code

Merge pull request #1035 from openware/fix/en/ts

Merge pull request #1034 from openware/fix_text

Merge pull request #1021 from openware/feature/display-deposit-confirmations

Merge pull request #1024 from openware/fix/text/styles

Merge pull request #1020 from openware/fix/wallet-address-fetch

Merge pull request #1014 from openware/feature/browser-tab-market-info

Merge pull request #24 from openware/change_confirm_link

Merge pull request #6 from openware/history-ui

Merge pull request #16 from openware/fix/open-orders