Build Status

#Base Crypto Application

#Add npm token for install components library

$ echo "//registry.npmjs.org/:_authToken=${NPM_AUTH_TOKEN}" > .npmrc


$ yarn install
$ yarn build


In <rootDir>

$ yarn start


In <rootDir>

$ yarn test

For more options for jest run yarn test --help.


To prepare an obfuscated build, run:

docker build -t baseapp:obfuscated
  --build-arg BUILD_EXPIRE=1560761577000(unix epoch seconds)
  --build-arg BUILD_DOMAIN="example.com"
  -f Dockerfile-obfuscator .

where BUILD_EXPIRE is a Unix Timestamp of the build expiration date in seconds, ​ BUILD_DOMAIN is the domain which you'd like to use during the deployment

The resulting image would be accessible by the baseapp:obfuscated tag.

#Working on Enterprise version

  1. Link the Enterprise containers
  cd src/containers/
  unlink index.ts
  ln -s indexEnterprise.ts index.ts
  1. Run the application with the correct environment
REACT_APP_BUILD_VERSION=Enterprise yarn start