#Peatio 2.5.0 (August 7, 2020)


We are pleased to present Peatio Open Source 2.5.0.

This release notes is must-read for migrating from older versions.

Breaking changes

  • Rewrite deposit collection flow #2636 (mnaichuk)

    • Remove amqp publish and add new deposit state

    • Remove amqp deposit workers (deposit_collection and deposit_collections_fees daemons)

    • Introduce SQL based deposit daemon

    • Add deposit collection flow documentation

    Documentation for new deposit collection flow

  • Remove old Peatio admin panel #2523 (mnaichuk)

New Features

  • Feature: PnL calculation for traders (calj)

    • Uses deposits, withdrawals, trades, adjustments and simple transfers
    • Supports multi-level conversions

    Increase time precision to milliseconds for deposits, withdrawals, trades and adjustments Documentation for PNL calculation

  • Move data from main database to archive database #2632 (mnaichuk)

    • Add stored procedure execution from rake task

    • Delete old cancelled orders without trades

    • Add copy orders to the archive database

    • Close orders older than MAX_AGE

    Documentation list:

    1. Order close job
    2. Order archive job
    3. Order liabilities compact job
  • AML integration #2589 (mnaichuk)

    • Add AMLplugin system
    • Add AML functions for Beneficiary model
    • Store deposits source addresses
    • Add admin beneficiary api
    • Add refund model
  • Add peatio electrum gem #2554 (calj)

  • Add wallet balances. Add cron job for wallet balances update (mnaichuk)

    Add CronJob for periodic call and save platform wallets balances to the DB. Balances are updated every minute.


Bug Fixes

  • Update peatio-bitgo version. Change rid length for withdraw #2668 (mnaichuk)

  • Fix wallet balance parse in the daemons #2666 (mnaichuk)

  • Skip pending ERC-20 transaction in blockchain daemon #2659 (mnaichuk)

  • Remove inqury from TradingFee model (mnaichuk)

  • Fix format function in TickersJob (mnaichuk)

  • Remove date parsing in api/v2/public/version #2623 (calj)

  • Fix secret replace in deposit collection #2620 (mnaichuk)

  • Update configuration for database pool #2619 (mnaichuk)

  • Add symbolize keys to WalletService init. Update wallet templates #2616 (mnaichuk)

  • Fix versionning generation in CI #2604 (calj)

  • Fix: Bitgo address generation #2608 (chumaknadya)

  • Fix: Update error handling for trading_fee api #2595 (mnaichuk)

  • Do not expose engine data in admin api #2584 (mnaichuk)

  • Fix: Avoid to use join in admin API for tables with a large amount of data. Change Kaminari usage in pagination #2602 (mnaichuk)

  • Fix market migration with existing data #2555 (mnaichuk)