#Peatio 2.1.0 (April 22, 2019)


We are pleased to present Peatio Open Source 2.1.0.

This release concentrated on new v2 architecture related improvements and dependency updates:

1. Remove legacy Member UI.
2. Upgrade Ruby on Rails to 5.2.
3. Upgrade ruby to 2.6.2.

This release notes is must-read for migrating from older versions.

Breaking changes

  • #2051: Remove legacy member UI

    Peatio legacy Member UI was not supported for a long time and deprecated in 2.0.0.

    We have totally deleted Member UI from so now there is only Admin panel UI left in Peatio.

  • #2091: Remove deprecated fees API

    public/fees/withdraw, public/fees/deposit, public/fees/trading

    API endpoints were removed in favour of

    public/markets, public/currencies

  • #2090: Remove plugin API v1

    We advice to use Plugin API v2 instead. See more in plugins

  • #2121: Unify trade taker_type with Ranger and api

New Features

  • Add ability to cancel all orders for specific market #2125
  • Move order submit to order_processor and remove Ordering service #2147
  • Add note to withdraw #2157
  • Add filter by date in market/trades REST API call #2126
  • Add optional fields for operations API #2140
  • Benchmark tasks for Matching TradeExecution and OrderProcessing #2133


  • Remove Peatio.tech brand from admin panel #2072
  • Update application.yml.erb #2098
  • Get rid off grape_strip gem #2116
  • Avoid "message" in API controllers by overriding Grape::AllowBlankValidator #2094
  • Upgrade Ruby on Rails to 5.0 #2095
  • Upgrade Ruby on Rails to 5.2 #2146
  • Update setup-ubuntu.md #2103
  • Add missing paginations for deposit & withdraw on admin panel #2156
  • Upgrade ruby to 2.6.2 #2160
  • Skip withdrawal in case of insufficient balance on hot wallet #2178


  • Fix release:travis rake task #2145
  • Fix bin/gendocs #2150
  • Limit number of returned data from ranger global.update #2153
  • Rewrite callbacks for avoid using redirect_to :back #2113
  • Revert ability to deposit from admin panel #2164
  • Rewrite callbacks for avoid using redirect_to :back #2169

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