#Version 2.3.136

Released 2019-11-11

Fix: change orders history price display (#241)

#Version 2.3.135

Released 2019-11-11

Enhancement: Configure Tower Lite CI to use build args from env

  • Update the expiration date

#Version 2.3.134

Released 2019-11-07

Feature: Add configuration and troubleshooting docs (#239)

#Version 2.3.133

Released 2019-11-01

Fix: display topic field on create/update permission

Fix: Uncomment revenue and expense codes for adjustments

#Version 2.3.132

Released 2019-11-01

Fix: use default value for alert time, if it not set at env.js

#Version 2.3.131

Released 2019-11-01

Feature: Add deposit transaction links

#Version 2.3.130

Released 2019-10-31

Feature: Add cable show action on line for user tables

#Version 2.3.129

Released 2019-10-31

Fix: Add sale_id parameter to IEO history request

#Version 2.3.128

Released 2019-10-31

Feature: add footer on Lite version

#Version 2.3.127

Released 2019-10-30

Fix: Fetch both sides on cancelling order

Fix: markets dropdown on fee group creating

#Version 2.3.126

Released 2019-10-30

Fix: sort orderbook by price column

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #221 from openware/fix/orderbook

#Version 2.3.125

Released 2019-10-30

Fix: double redirection when click on uid/email in entity list

#Version 2.3.124

Released 2019-10-30

Feature: Lowercase market filter

#Version 2.3.123

Released 2019-10-29

Feature: add footer with openware link (#226)

#Version 2.3.122

Released 2019-10-28

Feature: Add a CI step for building Lite images

#Version 2.3.121

Released 2019-10-25

Added label for radio buttons section (#217)

#Version 2.3.120

Released 2019-10-25

Feature: add IEO history table (#218)

#Version 2.3.119

Released 2019-10-11

Fix: remove lockup percentage elements from IEO (#216)

#Version 2.3.118

Released 2019-10-11

Feature: IEO list, create IEO page (#206)

  • Feature: add IEO table screen

  • Feature: module for IEO list & IEO add

  • Fix: add new fields to ieo data interface

  • Feature: add page for creating ieo

  • Feature: add saga for edit, get item IEO

  • Feature: connect function to add IEO page

  • Feature: add Edit IEO page

  • Fix: ieo icon in sidebar

  • Feature: separate plugins entity, make it configurable through env.js

  • Fix: hide release modal on Edit IEO

  • Fix: change endpoint route to ieo/sales

  • Fix: change endpoint for getting ieo item

  • Fix: change edit IEO call to PUT

  • Fix: send id params for editing IEO

  • Fix: display low_goal parameter in IEO create/edit

  • Fix: move IEO item to plugins menu in SideBar

  • Fix: convert fee value to persentage

  • Feature: add date and time input to IEO component

  • Feature: add max buy amount field for IEO

  • Fix: change result input to radio buttons

  • Feature: add type property to IEO interface

  • Fix: add dropdown for editing state of IEO

  • Fix: redirect to IEO list after adding/editing IEO

  • Fix: form available states list to edit according to current IEO state

  • Feature: add equivalent & price columns to IEO list

  • Feature: Push source code to Tokenman repo

  • Fix: change IEO item in NavBar

  • Fix: add button for editing state, update IEO data on details page

  • Fix: add tests for helpers, components, remove tslint:disable rules

#Version 2.3.117

Released 2019-10-11

Feature: Push to gitolite latest master

Fix: display user referrer uid in User Profile (#215)

Fix: display withdraw with errored state in withdraw pending list (#212)

Fix: rename currency status variable to visible (#211)

#Version 2.3.115

Released 2019-10-02

Fix: display recaptcha depends on config (#210)

#Version 2.3.114

Released 2019-09-30

Feature: display user level in KYC steps component

#Version 2.3.113

Released 2019-09-30

Feature: edit user profile, resend email verification (#207)

  • Feature: add ability to edit fields of user profile

  • Feature: add saga for resend email confirmation

  • Feature: add resend email button

#Version 2.3.112

Released 2019-09-25

Feature: configurable kyc steps (#208)

  • Feature: customize labels for GRX

  • Feature: disable jumping between kyc steps

  • Feature: move to configurable labelSwitcher

Feature: use configurable KYC labels

  • Fix: check label value while deleting

  • Fix: edit label value on click, check for private scope

  • Fix: define label array

#Version 2.3.111

Released 2019-09-13

Fix: orders, blockchains filter (#204)

  • Fix: rename filter param Type -> Side on Orders

  • Fix: remove order_by filter param for Blockchains

#Version 2.3.110

Released 2019-09-13

Fix: remove unexisting param from operations filter (#202)

#Version 2.3.109

Released 2019-09-12

Fix: action buttons are not displaying on Withdraw Fiat (#203)

#Version 2.3.108

Released 2019-09-12

Fix: change withdraw crypto process actions (#201)

#Version 2.3.107

Released 2019-09-12

Fix: pretify git tag in dashboard (#199)

#Version 2.3.106

Released 2019-09-12

Feature: add ability to add/remove labels by click on switch (#191)

#Version 2.3.105

Released 2019-09-12

Fix: restriction modal window, rename blacklist to restrictions (#198)

#Version 2.3.104

Released 2019-09-12

Fix: display manual adjustment if txid is empty (#197)

#Version 2.3.103

Released 2019-09-12

Fix: update Table components, remove Amount column from expenses, ordering for operations (#196)

#Version 2.3.102

Released 2019-09-12

Fix: add formating for created_at on withdraws (#195)

#Version 2.3.101

Released 2019-09-12

Feature: add route for displaying filter and refresh buttons in navbar (#194)

#Version 2.3.100

Released 2019-09-12

Feature: add export for orders (#193)

#Version 2.3.99

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: separate fiat/coin withdrawals (#192)

#Version 2.3.98

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: remove unnecessary call on Lialibilities page (#190)

#Version 2.3.97

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: server internal error on creating fiat currency (#189)

#Version 2.3.96

Released 2019-09-11

Feature: add Expenses tab to Operations page (#188)

#Version 2.3.95

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: modals styles (#187)

  • Fix: remove unnecessary filters from Pending Doc

  • Fix: show all btn position

  • Fix: add opacity to settings icons

  • Fix: add/edit Restriction modal styles

  • Fix: rewrite add/edit User Label Modal

  • Feature: add modal for cancelling one order

#Version 2.3.94

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: maker/taker fees precision (#186)

#Version 2.3.93

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: styles on info pages (#185)

#Version 2.3.92

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: minor update (#184)

  • Fix: remove openware logo from login form

  • Fix: update users directory fields for filter

  • Fix: from/to params for withdraws pending request

  • Fix: udpate adjustments table

  • Feature: add ordering on operations and deposits

#Version 2.3.91

Released 2019-09-11

Feature: Add filter on blockchains/wallets/trading_fees (#177)

#Version 2.3.90

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: header buttons (#183)

  • Fix: display fikter and refresh button in UserDirectory

  • Fix: display cancel all on OpenOrders tab

#Version 2.3.89

Released 2019-09-11

Feature: add filter for Operations page (#171)

  • Feature: add filter for Assets page

  • Feature: filters for Liabilities page

  • Feature: filters for Revenue page

  • Feature: filters for Currencies page

  • Feature: filters for Orders page

  • Feature: connect orders tab to routes

  • Fix: don't send number params if they're empty

  • Feature: connect Operations tab to routes

  • Feature: add filters for Restrictions

  • Feature: connect User Profile tabs to router

  • Feature: add filters for User Open Orders

#Version 2.3.88

Released 2019-09-11

Feature: Login page with new styles (#163)

  • Feature: Login component style update

  • Fix: remove empty poppoer element on Login Page

  • Feature: new styles for Login page

#Version 2.3.87

Released 2019-09-11

Feature: add recaptcha (#47)

  • Feature: add google recaptcha

  • Fix: add package for google-recapctha types

#Version 2.3.86

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: display txid and display buttons for accept/reject actions on deposit create (#182)

#Version 2.3.85

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: from/to filter values for peatio admin api (#181)

#Version 2.3.84

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: rework user info logic, move user activities to users containers folder (#180)

#Version 2.3.83

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: change decs to desc on adjustments (#179)

#Version 2.3.82

Released 2019-09-11

Fix: add missing code field to operations tables (#176)

#Version 2.3.81

Released 2019-09-10

Feature: add region and country in list, add adjustments ordering by desc (#178)

  • Feature: adjustments ordering by decs

  • Feature: add country and region to scope of restrictions list

#Version 2.3.80

Released 2019-09-10

Add export ability (#167)

  • Feature: add export ability

  • Feature: add export list functionality

  • Fix: pagination for trades page

  • Fix: pagination for withdraws page

#Version 2.3.79

Released 2019-09-10

Fix: change key it table for restrictions (#175)

#Version 2.3.78

Released 2019-09-09

Fix: get extended user pending data (#174)

#Version 2.3.77

Released 2019-09-09

Feature: display filter button on pending application screen (#173)

#Version 2.3.76

Released 2019-09-09

Feature: add filter for pending application screen (#172)

#Version 2.3.75

Released 2019-09-09

Fix: filter from/to data in request (#170)

#Version 2.3.74

Released 2019-09-09

Fix: clear fields in restrictions (#169)

#Version 2.3.73

Released 2019-09-09

Feature: get data for deposits, orders, trades, withdraws lists sorted (#168)

#Version 2.3.72

Released 2019-09-09

Fix: style correction for Components (#164)

  • Add overlay on sidebar open
  • Header buttons and breadcrumbs on hover
  • TextField inputs customization
  • Remove unnecessary shades of blue
  • Manage all submit buttons styles
  • Add underline for table links
  • Modal remove blue outline
  • Change add button for lables as on mockups
  • Set all tables rows to same height

#Version 2.3.71

Released 2019-09-09

Feature: add filter for adjustments and operators (#165)

  • Feature: add filter for adjustments

  • Feature: add filters for operators

#Version 2.3.70

Released 2019-09-09

Feature: Improve filter component (#148)

  • Feature: add smart filter to the platform

  • Feature: add filters for deposits list

  • Feature: add filters for trades

  • Feature: add filters to Withdraw page

  • Feature: add filter to Withdraws Pending page

  • Fix: move getItemFromRequest function to helpers

#Version 2.3.69

Released 2019-09-09

Fix: apply precision on user balances page (#161)

#Version 2.3.68

Released 2019-09-09

Fix: refactor withdraw modules (#160)

  • Feature: remove unused withdraw/pending saga

  • Fix: split withdrawsList & withdrawsPendingList to one module

  • Fix: use withdraws history module for user's withdraw

  • Fix: fetching withdraw history for user on Withdraw Details

Fix: update configs for using svg images (#159)

Fix: user documents page error (#158)

Fix: change withdraw coin action to process (#157)

#Version 2.3.67

Released 2019-09-07

Fix: fetch user open orders with uid param after cancel (#156)

#Version 2.3.66

Released 2019-09-07

Fix: lost parameter state while chnage page on OpenOrders (#155)

Fix: buttons on adjustment && unify errors (#154)

  • Fix: buttons on deposit info component

  • Feature: unify peation admin errors

#Version 2.3.65

Released 2019-09-07

Fix: return 301 and 302 codes for adjustments (#153)

#Version 2.3.64

Released 2019-09-07

Fix: hide 3xx and 4xx codes in adjustments (#152)

#Version 2.3.63

Released 2019-09-07

Fix: minor style fixes (#151)

#Version 2.3.62

Released 2019-09-07

Feature: add order cancel event to User Profile, Markets (#150)

  • Fix: change 'config' to 'configuration' name

  • Fix: order cancel

  • Fix: call cancel order with appropriate payload

#Version 2.3.61

Released 2019-09-07

Fix: disable precisions on markets (#149)

#Version 2.3.60

Released 2019-09-07

Feature: deposit create (#145)

  • Feature: add create deposit modal UI

  • Feature: add create deposit saga

  • Feature: add create deposit item to header

  • Fix: display only fiat currencies in create deposit

#Version 2.3.59

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: fetch orders after cancel (#147)

#Version 2.3.58

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: fetch orders after cancek (#146)

#Version 2.3.57

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: withdraw fiat details (#142)

  • Feature: add Withdraw Fiat component

  • Feature: display '-' if bank data not exists

  • Fix: send 'accept' on fiat and 'dispatch' on coin withdraw

#Version 2.3.56

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: Dashboard style corrections (#144)

#Version 2.3.55

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: reject/process deposit actions (#134)

  • Feature: process/reject deposit sagas

  • Feature: add reject/process action to Deposit component

  • Fix: send 'accept' on fiat and 'dispatch' on coin deposit

#Version 2.3.54

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: implement cancel orders ability (#141)

#Version 2.3.53

Released 2019-09-06

Fix: edit only value on labels (#143)

#Version 2.3.52

Released 2019-09-06

Fix: destroy user session on tower, if he has member role (#138)

Revert "Fix: destroy user session on tower, if he has member role (#138)" (#140)

This reverts commit e7a3abbc3440d5da39eb8455c017b1825a52f42f.

#Version 2.3.51

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: Add quay.io push step to drone

Fix: remove duplicate drone steps (#139)

#Version 2.3.50

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: reject/process/load withdraw actions (#133)

  • Feature: add reject/process/load withdraw saga

  • Fix: fetch withdraw item as separate state

  • Fix: add new API calls to withdraw root saga

  • Feature: add process/reject/load actions to Withdraw component

  • Fix: withdraw is not defined

#Version 2.3.49

Released 2019-09-06

Fix: minor fixes: filter closing, trades table, currency, user info trades table, fee autocomplete, grid console errors, balances total, referral uid (#132)

  • Fix: minor fixes: filter closing, trades table, currency, user info trades table

  • Fix: remove console errors

  • Fix: add precision 2 for persentage of maker/taker fee

#Version 2.3.48

Released 2019-09-06

Feature: Implement Navbar hover (#135)

  • Feature: Add hover to Navbar items

  • Feature: Add a new snapshot

  • Feature: Fix active Navbar item

  • Fix: remove linter disabling

#Version 2.3.47

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: change range to timestamp format (#131)

#Version 2.3.46

Released 2019-09-05

Feature: adding Mui Theme system and style fixes for main Components (#129)

  • Feature: Adding Mui Theme system

  • Feature: style fixes for main Components

  • Current navbar

  • Main navbar

  • Table Component

  • Toolbar

  • Change route from blacklist to restriction

#Version 2.3.45

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: Handle add/edit success redirect from saga (#125)

#Version 2.3.44

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: selection rows style on Pending Documnets (#126)

#Version 2.3.43

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: check if profile is not null on UserProfile (#127)

#Version 2.3.42

Released 2019-09-05

Feature: add referral uid field to User Directory & User Profile (#124)

#Version 2.3.41

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: delete fee saga, fetch list inside saga on delete/edit/add (#121)

  • Fix: delete fee saga, fetch list inside saga on delete/edit/add

  • Fix: change Edit modal header, prefill Edit modal fields

#Version 2.3.40

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: Navbar selection & disable filters for few pages (#120)

  • Fix: Navbar selection & disable filters for few pages

  • Fix: remove label and name from filter

  • Fix: get users by filter with extended

  • Fix: remove empty space on dashboard

#Version 2.3.39

Released 2019-09-05

Feature: add Deposit Details page (#119)

  • Feature: add Deposit Details page

  • Fix: delete fee saga, fetch list inside saga on delete/edit/add

  • Fix: fetch deposit item as list

#Version 2.3.38

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: display markets name uppercase in breadcrump (#123)

#Version 2.3.37

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: market update container (#122)

#Version 2.3.36

Released 2019-09-05

Fix: change requests for markets create/edit (#114)

  • Fix: change requests for markets create/edit

  • Fix: remove max_amount for markets

#Version 2.3.35

Released 2019-09-04

Feature: Add Adjustments pages (#93)

#Version 2.3.34

Released 2019-09-04

Fix: add arrows to tables, reorganize directories (#118)

  • Fix: reorganize wallets, fix wallets and blockchains tables

  • Fix: reorganize User directory

#Version 2.3.33

Released 2019-09-04

Fix: edit permission saga, pagination (#106)

  • Fix: edit permission saga

  • Fix: lost pagination on edit/delete/create click

  • Fix: fetch data after edit/add/delete action

  • Fix: Permission Modal styles of input forms

#Version 2.3.32

Released 2019-09-04

Fix: minor table cell fixes (#115)

#Version 2.3.31

Released 2019-09-04

Fix: add pagination to orderbook tables (#107)

  • Fix: add pagination to orderbook tables

  • Fix: change rowsPerPage asks affect changing bids rowsPerPage

  • Fix: add missing prop page to Orderbook Tables

#Version 2.3.30

Released 2019-09-04

Feature: withdraw details page (#97)

  • Feature: withdraw details styles

  • Feature: open WithdrawDetails page on row Click

  • Feature: connect withdraw details to backend

  • Fix: define props in WithdrawInfo Component

  • Fix: calculation of total user balance

  • Fix: update page context on redirect to another withdraw

#Version 2.3.29

Released 2019-09-04

Fix: redirect to login if session is expired (#112)

#Version 2.3.28

Released 2019-09-04

Fix: change action for filter, fix navbar modal opening, update capitalize helper (#111)

#Version 2.3.27

Released 2019-09-04

Feature: Implement filter component (#104)

#Version 2.3.26

Released 2019-09-04

Feature: change markets flow (#110)

#Version 2.3.25

Released 2019-09-03

Feature: style changes for header, sidebar, table components (#108)

#Version 2.3.24

Released 2019-09-03

Fix: add routes to user info screen, add redirections for /edit pages (#109)

  • Fix: push to user info page by clicking on his uid or email

  • Fix: add redirect to edit pages

#Version 2.3.23

Released 2019-09-03

Feature: Implement add/edit Wallet pages (#66)

#Version 2.3.22

Released 2019-09-03

Feature: Add network blacklist (#55)

  • Feature: Add network blacklist

  • Feature: connect ability to open modal for restrictions

#Version 2.3.21

Released 2019-09-03

Feature: style correction for Components (#101)

  • orderbook page
  • blockchains add/edit page
  • currencies add/edit page
  • extra padding for operators model
  • hide logout text on small current sidebar
  • border bottom for all tabs
  • sidebar alignment as on mockups

#Version 2.3.20

Released 2019-09-03

Feature: Ability to add/delete/edit trading fees (#102)

  • Feature: Ability to add/delete/edit tradinf fees

  • Feature: connect ability to open modal to trading fees page, add request for getting permissions after adding/removing/editing permission

#Version 2.3.19

Released 2019-09-03

Feature: add ability to create permissions through modal (#105)

  • Feature: add ability to open modal through navbar

  • Feature: connect ability to open modal tp permissions page

#Version 2.3.18

Released 2019-09-03

Feature: add common Modal Component, add CreatePermission modal, add ability to edit/delete permission (#100)

  • Feature: add common Modal Component, add CreatePermission modal

  • Feature: add saga for edit, add, delete permission

Feature: add function to open Create Permission modal

  • Feature: add Edit label Modal, delete permission onClick

  • Feature: add Permission modal

#Version 2.3.17

Released 2019-09-03

Fix: Routing & Layout (#103)

  • Fix: Router link functionality

  • Fix: Navbar routing & breadcrumbs

#Version 2.3.16

Released 2019-09-02

Fix: remove extra items from NavBar and Router (#99)

#Version 2.3.15

Released 2019-09-02

Feature: Add header icons (#96)

  • Feature: Add header icons depending on a pathname

  • Feature: Update Navbar snapshot

  • Feature: Remove comments in Navbar

  • Feature: Update MarketCreate request

  • Feature: Add router to Navbar

#Version 2.3.14

Released 2019-09-02

Fix: technical user role can't login (#54)

Fix: quick hotfix for current sidebar (#98)

#Version 2.3.13

Released 2019-08-31

Feature: add Orderbook page (#95)

#Version 2.3.12

Released 2019-08-31

Feature: add MarketEdit & MarketAdd (#72)

  • Feature: Add market page
  • Feature: Add sagas for market
  • Feature: Add market update
  • Feature: Refactor market update
  • Feature: Remove bind from constructor
  • Feature: Add MarketEdit & Market create
  • Feature: Move components to a common folder
  • Feature: Add createMarketSaga & make components from icons function
  • Feature: Revert function changes
  • Feature: Revert function changes & update test snapshots

#Version 2.3.11

Released 2019-08-31

Feature: rewrite Pending Documents page (#94)

#Version 2.3.10

Released 2019-08-30

Add ability to get tower version (#88)

#Version 2.3.9

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: improvements for Sidebar panel menu (#76)

#Version 2.3.8

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: add operations screen (#92)

#Version 2.3.7

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: Trading Fees Implementation (#91)

#Version 2.3.6

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: small style correction for Wallets page (#69)

#Version 2.3.5

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: add permissions list page (#90)

Feature: Add currency add page (#65)

#Version 2.3.4

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: add env REACT_APP_GIT_SHA to display git tag (#87)

#Version 2.3.3

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: Operators Screen (#86)

  • Feature: rewrite AdminActivity page using Table Compoenent

  • Fix: remove unused Tables from components

#Version 2.3.2

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: update user history tables, orders and add user documents (#85)

  • Fix: remove hardcoded api call

  • Feature: split orders to Open Orders & Orders History (#82)

  • Feature: add User Documents table Container (#81)

  • Feature: add User Documents table Container

  • Fix: add missing column for doc type

  • Fix: change names of user history table columns (#84)

#Version 2.3.1

Released 2019-08-30

Feature: user info + deposits, withdraws, withdraws pending and trades lists

Feature: Add ability to create/edit blockchain (#70)

Feature: add responsive for Tower (#71)

  • Feature: add responsive Table Component

  • Feature: add responsive submenu in SidePanel

Feature: Add Bread crumbs (#75)

Feature: add Orders List Table (#73)

Feature: add tab panel component (#57)

Feature: add routes and connected to backend container for BlockchainAdd, BlockchainEdit (#68)

  • Feature: add modules for updating and creating blockchains

  • Feature: add routes and connected to backend container for BlockchainAdd, BlockchainEdit

Feature: add blockchains, currencies, markets and wallets screens (#64)

  • Feature: add types for list items
  • Fix: remove UsersTable component
  • Fix: remove label from Table component
  • Feature: add blockchains, currencies, markets and wallets screens

Feature: New Folder structure in containers directory (#63)

Feature: add modules for wallets, markets, currencies and blockchains (#62)

  • Feature: add peatio to requestBuilder
  • Feature: add modules for wallets, markets, currencies and blockchains

Feature: add new Table component, rewrite Users table and activities with new Table component (#61)

Feature: Add all new routes with simple containers (#60)

Feature: Implement new sidebar (#58)

Feature: Update top bar according to mockups (#59)

Feature: add git hooks

Feature: update tslint.json, fix the repo with new configs

Feature: add logic for displaying current item in navbar

Feature: add icon to menu title

Feature: add logic for CurrentNavBar component

Feature: add CurrentNavBar component

Feature: add icons for menu items

Feature: dropdown menu popover

Feature: move NavBar items to constants

Fix: Remove tslint disable from NavBar component (#78)

Fix: redirect to new page (#67)

Fix: close popover menu on close SideBar

Fix: display admin activitity only for superadmin

Update drone pipeline (#83)

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #80 from openware/tower-v2 MINOR

#Version 2.2.8

Released 2019-07-17

Fix: keep search params on changing page

#Version 2.2.7

Released 2019-07-17

Fix: error when switching between activities pages

Fix: parse nested JSON data

#Version 2.2.6

Released 2019-07-12

Fix: admin can't find user by full country name

#Version 2.2.5

Released 2019-07-03

Remove mapfiles from build

#Version 2.2.4

Released 2019-07-02

Fix: info button style, error on switch between pages (#45)

  • Fix: info button style, error on switch between pages

  • Fix: make Admin Activities table to fit the screen

#Version 2.2.3

Released 2019-07-01

#Version 2.2.2

Released 2019-07-01

Fix: change default isLoading field for currentuser, add flag for pending route

#Version 2.2.1

Released 2019-06-27

Update package.json

#Version 0.1.27

Released 2019-06-27

Feature: add data popover to admin activities

Fix: parse data in saga, add tests

Fix: InfoPopper check for data props, selectIndex

#Version 0.1.26

Released 2019-06-27

Feature: update auth flow for tower

Fix: add currentUser error action

#Version 0.1.25

Released 2019-06-27

Fix: change API for change user role

#Version 0.1.24

Released 2019-06-19

Fix: handle Enter press on Edit label modal

Fix: handle Enter press on Search Bar

#Version 0.1.23

Released 2019-06-18

Fix: navbar items highlight

#Version 0.1.22

Released 2019-06-17

Fix: add missing field topic for activities

Fix: display Admin Activities only for superadmin

Fix: change target_uid parameter

#Version 0.1.21

Released 2019-06-13

Feature: add admin activity (#21)

  • Feature: add admin activity

  • Feature: add search bar to Admin activities

Fix: modify admin activity data interface

Fix: admin activity search params, redirect to user profile by email

  • Fix: change put request to post

#Version 0.1.20

Released 2019-06-13

Fix: onClick color of NavBar item

#Version 0.1.19

Released 2019-06-13

Fix: user activities search params

Fix: remove nonexistent pages from navbar

Fix: sidebar state

#Version 0.1.18

Released 2019-06-12

Add Slack notification

Add drone-ci pipeline

Add actions with users (#11)

  • Add actions with user's labels

Add multistage Dockerfile using wio

Add docker image for development

Adding a Material Button

Change favicon, Tab app name, menu

Changing mountpoint of the application

Connect redux to application (#8)

  • Connect redux
    • Implement login event through redux
    • Implement logout
    • Implement ability to get all users
    • Implement ability to get user data by uid

Creating project structure

Feature: improve drone pipeline

Feature: add search bar to Pending Documents (#23)

  • Feature: add search bar to Pending Documents

  • Fix: remove date filter, add margin after search bar

  • Fix: list of search parametres on pending documents

  • Fix: dropdown search parametres on activities page

  • Fix: filter selected list after search request

  • Fix: check select all button when all items is selected

  • Fix: add document list to user interface

  • Fix: remove double footer on Login page

  • Fix: remove hardcoded number of attachments

  • Fix: configure pending users interface with backend improvements

Feature: render empty page on Orders, Orderbooks

Feature: date picker (#25)

  • Feature: date picker

Feature: ability to display user nationality from metadata on user profile page

Feature: [User activities & User Directory] add search bar

Feature: change roles as superadmin

Feature: pending users tab (#10)

  • Feature: pending users tab

  • Feature: add select actions, change documents pending saga

  • Feature: receive data with user profile, add request to approve/reject buttons

  • Fix: update snapshot and fix label key for call

  • Fix: labels call, state update, content

  • Fix: navbar pending route

  • Fix: isolate pending users, fixes

Feature: Add dockerfile for obfuscated builds

Feature: refactor user profile tab (#7)

  • Feature: add popover documents image

  • Feature: add user settings component

  • Feature: change user profile UI

  • Feature: refactor layout on user profile

  • Feature: change Layout on user info, add KYC board

  • Feature: new Label styles

  • Feature: new Documents table

Feature: [helper] build query string

Feature: rework router for managing user browser history

Feature: add SearchBar component

  • Feature: add SearchBar component
    • Feature: add SearchBar container
    • Feature: add tests for SearchBar
    • Fix: update indexes of existing elems in search bar

Feature: add tests for components and containers

Feature: add WithdrawListInfoTable and WithdrawInfo screens

  • Feature: add WithdrawListInfoTable component
    • Feature: add WithdrawInfo component
    • Feature: update tests
    • Feature: add withdrawsList module
    • Feature: add components and containers related to WithdrawInfo screen
    • Feature: add modules for WithdrawInfo screen
    • Feature: add tests for WithdrawInfo and WithdrawUserTable modules
    • Fix: change styles for withdrawInfo components

Feature: rework request builder

Feature: Add obfuscator, time and domain lock

Feature: add dashboard

Feature: add user activities (#5)

  • Feature: add user activities to profile page

Feature: Build with mock server on push

Feature: Add side drawer for the menu (#3)

  • Feature: Add side drawer for the menu

  • Fix: table styles according to new mock-ups

Feature: call signIn function by pressing enter (#34)

Feature: update table with users, add ability to search users by labels (#33)

  • Feature: add state column to table

  • Feature: add ability to search users via labels

  • Feature: update hash url via requests for getting users

Feature: add tests for components and containers (#32)

  • Feature: add tests for components

  • Feature: add tests for containers

Feature: improve drone pipeline

Feature: update tslint.json

  • Feature: add new rules for tslint.json
    • Fix: update repository with new ts-rules

Feature: add tests for modules

  • Feature: add tests for alert module
    • Feature: add tests for auth module
    • Feature: add tests for changeUser module
    • Feature: add tests for label module
    • Feature: add tests for userData module
    • Feature: add tests for users module

Feature: add jest helper

Feature: update configs

  • Feature: add enzyme
    • Fix: fix components in repository
    • Fix: update tsconfig
    • Feature: add tslint.json
    • Fix: update files with tslint rules
    • Fix: remove rewriting of tsconfig, when application is starting

Feature: global update of repository Feature: rework InfoTable component Feature: make pagination Feature: add ability to search users Fix: remove state from UserData component Fix: remove state from Navbar component Feature: add dropdown and search field for searching users Fix: change structure of modules Fix: change structure of repository Feature: add alert component Feature: add helper for converting errors to usual text

Feature: add ability to change url for barong in requests (#26)

  • Feature: add ability to change url for barong in requests

Feature: add automatisation for display metadata (#16)

Fix: navbar text mistake

Fix: change sidebar state to open by default

Fix: refactor NavBar file

Fix: redirection to /tower while refreshing the page

Fix: redirect to login page when session cookie is time-outed

Fix: refactor components file names

Fix: position of Date picker fields

Fix: fix console warning from Material-UI

Fix: stick alert position to header

Fix: empty label tsble styles

Fix: ability to open add label modal

Fix: replace default alert messages with custom one

Fix: add margin after search [Activities]

Fix: highlight selected NavBar item

Fix: mockserver configuration in drone pipeline

Fix: squash withdrawListTable to one component

Fix: sagas test & change path for route

Fix: styles according mockups

Fix: move Layout to containers

Fix: refactor layout, add pure withdrawList container

Fix: layout margin

Fix: change default scope value

Fix: remove the (broken) previous link on user profile page (#37)

Fix: incorrect route to search pending documents (#35)

Fix: update place for test files

Fix: refactor UserData

  • Fix: rework UserData component
    • Feature: add UserData tests

Fix: hide unused elements from tower (#22)

Fix: OPEX-301 add 2fa to login (#21)

  • Fix: add 2fa to login

Fix: update user page after changing (#20)

Fix: add keys to grids in profile, handle null profile, add error alerts (#19)

  • Fix: add keys to grids in profile

  • Fix: handle null profile and server errors

Fix: correct display of rare countries and fix findPhone function (#17)

  • Fix: correct display of rare countries and findPhone function

  • Fix: add tests for helpers and refactore UserData component

Fix: edit label modal with request (#18)

Fix: images links and temporary remove metadata (#15)

Fix: changeUserRole and changeUserState requests (#14)

  • Fix: changeUserRole and changeUserState requests

  • Fix: UserData deleteLabel props

  • Fix: links color

  • Feature: add functionality to 2FA switch

Fix frontend for UserData and UserTable (#13)

  • Fix frontend for UserData and UserTable

  • Fix loginpage and modal

  • Add userData fields

  • Fix identity session

  • Add state for UserData and changeRole dropdown

  • Add findPhone function and metadata, update components UserData and AddLabelModal

  • Add Table component with sorting and pagination

  • Add country-code package

  • Add keys to Table Component

  • Fix: rework signin event

Initial commit from Create React App

Renaming application

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #5 from openware/feature/menu