OpenWare OPEX


#Vault and Barong GCS object migration


  • Source and destination GCP projects with desired GCS buckets created
  • gsutil installed

Log into the source project

First of all make sure that you've logged into the correct project:

gcloud config get-value project

If this is not the case, log into the correct one:

gcloud config set project *SOURCE_PROJECT_ID*

Copy all files from the source bucket to your local machine

Copy all files to you local machine:

gsutil -m cp -r gs://*SOURCE_BUCKET_NAME*/ .

Now you have everything from this bucket in the ./*SOURCE_BUCKET_NAME* directory.

Copy all files from your local machine to a destination bucket

First of all you need to configure gcloud to use the right project:

gcloud config set project *DESTINATION_PROJECT_ID*

Now you can copy your local files to the destination bucket: