#OPEX 2.3 Migration Guide


To be able to fully migrate your platform without any data loss, you need to have:

  • Database dumps of Peatio, Barong and any other SQL-dependent component
  • A backup of the storage bucket used as the Vault backend
  • A snapshot of every cryptonode's disk
  • Vault root token and unseal keys backed up


WARNING! Before starting the migration procedure make sure there is no traffic on the platform for at least 15 minutes. It's best to put a maintenance page and start the procedure after approximately 15 minutes.

IMPORTANT! Please cancel all open order on the platform before starting the migration!

  1. Cancel all open orders on the platform

  2. Bring up maintenance page on the platform

  3. Open the deployment files

  4. Fetch the latest kite-opex stable branch module

    kite m fetch [email protected]:kite-opex --version=2-3-stable --env=test
  5. Regenerate vars and update everything needed

    kite m vars modules/kite-opex --env=test

    Press d to see the difference and add any missing configuration to your vars.kite-opex.yml file

  6. Render kite-opex module

    kite m render modules/kite-opex --env=test

    Render all the deployment files and only apply the missing or needed configuration.

  7. Deploy every component that had configuration or image changes.