Peatio daemons

Peatio daemons are managed by God.

#Starting daemons

To start God as daemon run:

god -c lib/daemons/daemons.god

You can also start God in foreground:

god -c lib/daemons/daemons.god -D

God starts all daemons when it is being initialized.

Use god stop to stop all daemons. God will still be up. Use god start to start all daemons.

#Stopping daemons

To stop God and all daemons run:

god terminate

To stop only daemons leaving God up run:

god stop

#Restarting daemons

god restart

Be patient when starting or stopping daemons: most of daemons support graceful termination so God will first send SIGTERM, wait short period of time, and forcefully kill process by sending SIGKILL if it is still up.

#Querying status

god status

#Reading logs

Each daemon has it's own log file localed at log/daemons.