Frontend deployment configuration is located at config/environments/*environment_name*/frontend.yml

If you use 1.9 or have an Angular base front end and React trading view, you should enable hybrid mode

Example of right configurations: ``` image: repository: YOUR_REPOSITORY tag: YOUR_TAG pullPolicy: Always

ingress: enabled: true hybrid: false # This is used if your base frontend is Angular and Trading view is a React App paths: - trading - advance - manifest.json - env - charting_library - static hosts: - HOST_OF_YOUR_FRONT_END tls: enabled: true robotsNoIndex: false

env.js: window.env = { api: { gatewayUrl: 'http://HOST_OF_YOUR_FRONT_END/api/v2', rangerUrl: 'ws://ranger.HOST_OF_YOUR_FRONT_END', } };

app: env: {} ```


./bin/opex app install frontend