#Version cgcx-robox-test-v0.0.2

Released 2019-10-29

#Version cgcx-0.0.1

Released 2019-10-28

Add missing @requested_amount for self ccy withdraw

Add link_config script (#29)

Add Identity Mind KYC Provider support

  • Extend available barong management api calls (user_info, update_labels)
  • Add KycApplication model and DB table
  • Add barong.model.document.created consumer
  • Add barong.model.profile.created consumer
  • Extend available barong management api calls (user_info, update_labels)
  • Add IdentityMind-related ENVS and authentification logic
  • Add user-info parse logic, profile and document KYC stages logic
  • Add UpdateApplicationState worker to retrieve application state from IDM

Feature: add ability to send middle name to IDM (#175)

Feature: listener for profile update, update ruby version in dockerfile (#143)

Feature: Update IDM integration with 6 KYC levels

Fix: allow empty field from barong profile (#159)

Fix: document upload listener (#153)

Fix: send beneficiary_id to peatio by management API (#132)

Fix: update labels with replace (#125)

Fix: document consumer (#118)

Setup development backend with compose. Base rubocop (#113)

Support two market recalculation (#137)

Switch to base_unit and quote_unit

Update ruby version (#114)

#Version ieo-0.0.1

Released 2019-10-08

Feature: Push source code to Tokenman repo (#155)

Second IEO sale type integration (#133)

#Version v0.0.29

Released 2019-10-07

API endpoints for IEO sale listing and editing (#122)

Add executed_without_commission for creating transfer params (#152)

Add min & max amount to sale with logic updates (#139)

Co-authored-by: chumaknadya <nchumak@heliostech.fr> Co-authored-by: ysv <ysavchuk@heliostech.fr>

Add build and deploy step to drone pipeline

Add API endpoint for ieo order creation

Add endpoint for IEO sale creation

Add link_config script (#29)

Admin API for listing orders with filters (#151)

Admin API for sale activation or deleting (#134)

Auto enable market on finish event if result is listing (#145)

Feature: Push source code to Tokenman repo

Fix issue with trigger_event route (#146)

Fix distribute event for IEO sale (#142)

Fix order events, add sale validations. (#136)

Fix: forward error from peatio (#40)

IEO sale, sale pair & order models

Implement sale low_goal support (#149)

Include active, executing & completed Orders in ratio calculation (#148)

Move logic of OrderController transfer creation to model (#154)

Move JWT authenticator logic to base controllers

Private API endpoint for active order cancelling (#147)

Private API for listing user orders (#135)

Publish sale contribution_amount updates via WS

Return current user orders in private IEO API instead of all (#144)

Rework Order table columns for storing amounts

Setup development backend with compose. Base rubocop (#113)

Sidekiq workers for IEO sale execution (#121)

Co-authored-by: ysv <ysavchuk@heliostech.fr> Co-authored-by: mnaichuk <mnaichuk@heliostech.fr> Co-authored-by: chumaknadya <nchumak@heliostech.fr>

Update ruby version (#114)

Validate order tokens_ordered less than max_amount on creation only (#150)

#Version grx-v0.0.26

Released 2019-09-12

Improve Abilities & add specs. Sync user role & type

#Version grx-v0.0.25

Released 2019-09-12

Change Commission Config value precision

#Version grx-v0.0.24

Released 2019-09-11

Replace User klass based access control with Barong RBAC (#96)

  • Add role to users table

  • Rename Abilities to LegacyAbilities. Add NewAbilities

  • WIP

  • Hotfix for Public key missing in specs

  • Start specs fixing

  • Fix user_classes_controller

  • Fix specs 2

  • Final renaming

  • Finalize

#Version grx-v0.0.23

Released 2019-09-11

Add skipped state for HourlyPayout model

#Version grx-v0.0.22

Released 2019-09-11

#Version grx-v0.0.21

Released 2019-09-11

Improve log coverage, push liveness image result to barong

#Version grx-v0.0.20

Released 2019-09-11

Hotfix RevshareWorker to skip Brokers raising exception

#Version grx-v0.0.19

Released 2019-09-10

Enhancement: Add a rake task to process FeeGroupAssignerWorker (#95)

  • Enhancement: Add a rake task to process FeeGroupAssignerWorker

  • Fix: Avoiding breaking FeeGroupAssignerWorker on non-existent users

#Version grx-v0.0.18

Released 2019-09-10

Fix client.rb

#Version grx-v0.0.17

Released 2019-09-09

Disable permission checks on status page (#91)

  • Disable permission checks on status page

  • Moving stats to user model

  • Fix: Changing Commissions API

  • Fix: just comment fix to squash

Fx network size calculation (#92)

#Version grx-v0.0.16

Released 2019-09-07

Add find_in_batches

Fix label creation

Update README.md

#Version grx-v0.0.15

Released 2019-09-07

Add job to schedule.yml

Fee Group Assigner Worker

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #86 from openware/feature/fee_assign

#Version grx-v0.0.14

Released 2019-09-07

Add ocr call on documents, update logic to be mobile-compatible

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #87 from openware/feature/ocr

#Version grx-v0.0.13

Released 2019-09-07

Add divide by 100 amount in payouts

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #88 from openware/fix/divide-by-100-for-transfers

#Version grx-v0.0.12

Released 2019-09-07

Add update_labels: false to documents push

Disable permissions checks on affiliate page Change select process of payouts

Fix klass to type

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #85 from openware/customer-grx-payout-fix

#Version grx-v0.0.11

Released 2019-09-06

Update stats route to /brokers/stats

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #84 from openware/feature/default_stats

#Version grx-v0.0.10

Released 2019-09-06

Update db for stats_broker_1d and stats_broker_1h (#83)

  • Update db for stats_broker_1d and stats_broker_1h

  • Add to_ms method for Time class to convert to miliseconds

#Version grx-v0.0.9

Released 2019-09-05

Add config ENV for database name in production (#82)

#Version grx-v0.0.8

Released 2019-09-05

Change event API message for system.document.verified

#Version grx-v0.0.7

Released 2019-09-05

Update management api for transfers, fix in worker

#Version grx-v0.0.6

Released 2019-09-05

Update management_api in PayoutsWorker

#Version grx-v0.0.5

Released 2019-09-05

Cleanup drone file

Force injecting revshare to kafka on broker create

#Version grx-v0.0.4

Released 2019-09-04

Ability for account managers to list brokers

Ability for account managers to list other account managers

Ability for account managers to list other account managers

Ability for TM not to change own class and manager_uid

Add module for broker statistics

Add payouts table and worker for creating transfers

Add missing user_created consumer and force build hierarchy on broker create

Add brokers/me endpoint

Add ability to change klass and type for brokers

Add manager metrics

Add active_traders, fix tests

Add hierarchies json

Add hierarchy metrics

Add metrics volume

Add user daily stats

Add broker affiliates controller specs

Add new_kyc_verified

Add new affiliates

Add affiliates migrations and seed

Add /me endpoint (#33)

  • Add /me endpoint

  • Add explicit /me test for missing user

Add affiliated traders

Add specs as_IB and as_MIB in hierarchies module

Add commission config auth protection

Add multi-level commission config

Add commission config level

Add brokers and managers endpoint

Add spec/hierarchies test module & trader specs (224 cases)

Add more manager ancestry tests

Add commission info to readme

Add ba test cases

Add user_classes_controller index, show

Add ref_type to manager commission config

Add grx commissions

Add ancestry for managers

Add more commission tests, fixes

Add JWT authenticating, Dockerfile, Private API and related Add private module and withdraws_controller class Add Dockerfile Add peatio-core in favor of JWT auth Initalize JWT authenticator middleware * Move to Applogic.config store for ENVs

Add drone.yml, create withdraw-related db tables

Add Event Api Listener, docs and related

  • Connect Bunny and related gems

  • EventAPIListener API class

  • Event API documentation

  • Event Api rake task

  • Define consumers structure


Allow commission config updates

Build manager levels

Bump script

Cache broker metrics

Cache manager_levels

Change mem cache to redis

Create users table

Extract broker metrics to concern

Feature: Push image to ali

FeeGroups class, Stats models update, seed

Fetch and Sync user functionality

Fix users_sync_worker (#63)

Fix users_sync worker

Fix unassign manager from parent

Fix manager_uid brokers filter

Fix cache invalidation to work with rspec

Fix user seed

Fix ancestry pattern, factories, specs (#28)

  • Fix ancestry pattern

  • Fix ib, mib specs

Fix sidekiq warning

Fix figaro warning

Fix level build depth

Improve users seed

Init commissions

Initial commit, api healthchek, basic configuration

Initialize sidekiq & add example worker class

Initialize Peatio and Barong management api connection

Inject RevShare in Kafka

List all brokers for TM

MEGVII KYC provider integration (#64)

Make mandatory commission_config level

Management API calls required for withdraw

Move invalidate_cache to User

Order brokers level 1

Protect /commissions endpoint

Refactor db schema, add user classes

Refactor commissions, add tests

Rework create_or_update logic in consumer and worker, fix syntax

Scope user daily stat date

Seed Withdraw Limits feature

Set broker month range to 3

Update profile_created consumer && Add documents_updated consumer

Update brokers tests for put

Update broker seed, json

Update json res for users (#32)

  • Update json response for users

Update manager commission calc, add first ba test

Update broker levels

Update callbacks, seeds

Update specs

Updating stats table for release v2.3

Use robox for semver bump

Validate user class priority

Withdraw API (#10)

  • Withdraw Limit logic
  • CCY withdraw API
  • Current status of withdraw limit API

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #74 from openware/feature/bump

Merge pull request #55 from openware/feature/broker_ability

Merge pull request #54 from openware/feature/manager_ability

Merge pull request #50 from openware/fix/worker

Merge pull request #53 from openware/man-unassign

Merge pull request #56 from openware/brokers-me

Merge pull request #52 from openware/feature/tm_abilities

Merge pull request #48 from openware/order-brokers

Merge pull request #47 from openware/updates

Merge pull request #46 from openware/broker-listing

Merge pull request #45 from openware/fix-cache-invalid

Merge pull request #41 from openware/fix/brokers

Merge pull request #42 from openware/fix/api

Merge pull request #43 from openware/redis

Merge pull request #44 from openware/api-updates

Merge pull request #39 from openware/cache-metrics

Merge pull request #38 from openware/hierarchy-metrics

Merge pull request #36 from openware/metrics-volume

Merge pull request #35 from openware/daily-stats

Merge pull request #34 from openware/metrics-affs