#Peatio 1.2.0 (February 26, 2018)


The release is focused on adding support for Ethereum currency including ability to attach it either to BitGo, either to Geth.

This release is also the first one which is driven by automatic patch number version bumping from TravisCI builds.

We have also fixed all incompatible queries so Peatio is now friendly with MSSQL.

As for bugfixes the release includes lot of UI polishing like missing useful information in admin panel, or UI issues.

Breaking changes

  • #535: Remove name & nickname from member & authentication models.

    The patch removes name and nickname attributes from Member & Authentication. We believe this makes Peatio more friendly with OAuth protocol and improves user privacy.

  • #596: Remove ability to generate another deposit address.

    This patch is a fix for BIP32 incompatible currencies like XRP and ETH.

    The bug reproduction steps look like:

    1. Generate new address for currency. Let the address you receive be called X.
    2. Deposit 10 coins to X.
    3. Make withdraw for 2 coins. It will succeed. You now have 8 coins left.
    4. Generate another address for the same currency. Let the address be called Y.
    5. Request withdraw for 2 coins. It will fail.

    The reason second withdraw fails is because Peatio tries to withdraw from the newest deposit address (Y) but it doesn't contain enough funds to proceed the transaction. However, it works well for BIP32 compatible currencies, like Bitcoin.

    The patch modifies code to be sure used has only single address per currency.

New features

  • #495: Add support for ETH using BitGo.

    The patch adds typical required views, routes, controllers, and models for ETH. It also provides ETH configuration skeleton for BitGo.

  • #567: Add support for MSSQL.

    The patch fixes all MSSQL incompatible queries.

  • #569: Add support for ETH using Geth.

    The patch adds support for Geth. It also adds new helper for converting base unit to smallest (like Bitcoins to satoshis): CoinAPI#convert_to_base_unit!(value). The helper ensures your value doesn't exceed maximum allowed precision.

  • #534: Add ability to disable cabinet or markets UI by setting environment variables.

    Administrators will still have access.


  • #551: Output member serial number in admin panel.

    The patch outputs member SN in admin panel and allows to search by it through all members.

  • #590: Display deposits & withdraws with no limits.

    Previously system displayed only last 3 items. Now it displays the whole list.

  • #597: Remove obsolete Rails generators for deposits, withdraws, locales, and other stuff.

  • #598: Remove unneeded translations for banks, banks configuration files, and helpers.

    All these are leftovers after stripping banks.yml.


  • #575, #570, #574: Documentation fixes.

  • #576: Fixes for several reported UI issues at profile & markets pages.

  • #589: Page is now reloaded only after successful creation of withdraw.

    Previously page was reloaded every time you click Submit no matter what data you entered. This prevented users from getting validation errors.

  • #595: Fix exception at admin panel when navigating to specific withdraw.

    The issues was related to missing call to find_withdraw however it was declared as before_action hook in base controller class. This is a Rails bug.

  • #585: Fix UI issues at «Solvency» page.

    Now navigation tabs are displayed in multiple lines so they don't get out of screen.

  • #593: Fix UI issue with all confirmation dialogs.

    Backdrop is duplicated when pushing enter key multiple times.

  • #582: Fix UI issue with user cabinet navigation dropdown.

    The patch adds styles which handle short email addresses displayed in dropdown.

#Peatio 1.1.13 and before

Unfortunately, release notes are not available for 1.1.13 and below but you still can check CHANGELOG.