Peatio Plugin API v2

Peatio plugins v2 is updated peatio plugin system. We distribute plugins as peatio gems.


  1. List your plugins in Gemfile.plugins.

  2. Install plugins bundle install.

  3. Start your plugin development and integration.


Using default Dockerfile

Default Dockerfile has two stages. First stage is base image build and second is installation plugins into base image.

Note that building image from scratch takes much more time. If you didn't changes in Peatio code use Dockerfile.plugin.

  • To build base image run docker build --target base --tag peatio:base .

  • To build image with plugins from scratch run docker build --tag peatio:custom .

Using Dockerfile.plugin

You can use built base image and extend it by adding plugins into Gemfile.plugin.

  1. Copy Dockerfile.plugin and Gemfile.plugin into empty directory.

  2. List yor plugins in Gemfile.plugin.

  3. Change base image in Dockerfile.plugin (default is rubykube/peatio:latest).

  4. Build your custom image docker build --tag peatio:custom -f Dockerfile.plugin .