#Allowing optional probes

To debug aggregated orderbook feature, debug probes can be enabled. It will allow publishing internal orderbook input (operations) to AMQP topic peatio.events.ranger to admin._market_.op routing key.

Operation model:

MarketMarket ID
TypeInit, Update, Delete, Disable, Limit, ClearDriver, Resync
Sidesell or buy
DriverDriver (upstream)
SourceIDSource order ID
TraceIDTrace ID

It also adds trace_id to raw orders and raw order snapshots. TraceID is assigned to input operation and all outputs, caused by this operation. It means that several raw orders (outputs) can have same traceID and there will be one operation with this ID (input).

TraceIDs have different prefixes:

  • OP_ + incremental number for operations
  • TICKER_ + timestamp for snapshot ticker
  • SYNC_ + timestamp for periodic resync operation
  • TIMER_ + timestamp for optional disconnect timer (if no activity driver is considered disconnected)

Also there is a tool to record AMQP messages, ./cmd/amqp_daemon Recorded outputs can be validated with a script ./scripts/check-ob.rb