#Peatio 2.4.0 (March 23, 2020)


We are pleased to present Peatio Open Source 2.4.0.

This release notes is must-read for migrating from older versions.

Breaking changes

  • Remove deprecated amqp daemons #2451 (mnaichuk)

    Deleted workers:

    • Pusher Market
    • Pusher Member

    Moved EventApi and AMQP modules to lib folder.

  • Record Trades and K-lines to InfluxDB #2441 (mnaichuk)

    • Add InfluxDB client;
    • Add new AMQP daemon InfluxDB writer;
    • Rewrite Public Trade endpoint to return trades from influx;
    • Rewrite Public K-line endpoint to return k-lines from influx;
    • Rewrite k-line daemon;
    • Rewrite KlineService;
    • Update backend.yml;
    • Update drone.yml;
    • Update ./bin/setup;
    • Update daemons.god;
  • Add CronJob Daemon for K-lines and Tickers #2485 (mnaichuk)

  • Add ability to read tickers from influx #2480 (mnaichuk)

    • Add Cronjob daemon with Jobs::Cron::KLine, Jobs::Cron::Ticker jobs;
    • Remove MarketTicker, K, SlaveBook and GlobalState daemons;
    • Remove Global.rb;
    • Add TickersService and KLineSerivce;
    • Update API and WS API with new services.

New Features

  • Add Peatio Upstream worker. Add Opendax Upstream #2458 (mnaichuk)

    • Introduce Upstream Worker;
    • Add encrypted data field to market model;
    • Upstream will initialize from market data:
      • {"upstream"=>{"driver"=>"opendax", "target"=>"btcusdt", "rest"=>"https://url", "websocket"=>"wss://url"}}
    • Add Upstream::Peatio::Opendax class;
  • Incremental order-book #2400 (calj)

    This stream sends a snapshot of the order-book at the subscription time, then it sends increments. Volumes information in increments replace the previous values. If the volume is zero the price point should be removed from the order-book. Documentation for incremental order-book

  • Add ability to create deposits and confirm withdrawals through Webhooks. #2460 (mnaichuk)

    Add Peatio Bitgo plugin. Documentation for bitgo plugin Add Peatio public Webhook endpoint for deposit and withdraw detection through Bitgo events.


Bug Fixes

  • Skip pending ERC-20 transaction in blockchain daemon #2658 (mnaichuk)
  • Fix: Avoid to use join in admin API for tables with a large amount of data. Change Kaminari usage in pagination #2602
  • Fix: Remove nested SQL transactions in blockchain daemon. Update deposit model #2548 (mnaichuk)
  • Fix: Update UID and GID to the app user for all project files #2499 (apaulb)
  • Fix file permissions #2496 (apaulb)
  • Fix: Add docs && changelog generation on master branch #2515 (chumaknadya)
  • Fix: add ability to cancel order by uuid #2508 (mikoim)
  • Fix: Add created_at to transaction entity #2498 (chumaknadya)
  • [Snyk] Fix for 1 vulnerabilities #2494 (snyk-bot)
  • Fix: Clean rails built in warnings #2483 (mnaichuk)
  • Fix ./bin/setup #2482 (akulakovaa)
  • Fix: add ability to search order by uuid #2481 (akulakovaa)
  • Initialize Blockchain and Wallet adapters in service creation. Updat… #2474 (mnaichuk)
  • Fix: Collect deposits after sql transaction #2471 (mnaichuk)
  • Publish events to specific exchange #2470 (dnfd)
  • Fix: Change beneficiary address validation #2462 (chumaknadya)
  • Fix: Add report exception to screen for OrderProcessor initialize #2453 (mnaichuk)