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:incoming_envelope: Notification Hub for openware stack.

Event API client for


Consume mail events from RabbitMQ and send emails over SMTP.



Start worker by running command below

$ go run ./cmd/postmaster/main.go

Environment variables

POSTMASTER_ENVEnvironment, reacts on "production"no
POSTMASTER_LOG_LEVELLevel of loggingnodebug
RABBITMQ_HOSTHost of RabbitMQ daemonnolocalhost
RABBITMQ_PORTPort of RabbitMQ daemonno5672
RABBITMQ_USERNAMERabbitMQ usernamenoguest
RABBITMQ_PASSWORDRabbitMQ passwordnoguest
SMTP_PASSWORDPassword used for auth to SMTPyes
SMTP_PORTPost of SMTP serverno25
SMTP_HOSTHost of SMTP servernosmtp.sendgrid.net
SMTP_USERUser used for auth to SMTPnoapikey
SENDER_EMAILEmail address of mail senderyes
SENDER_NAME Name of mail sendernoPostmaster