Kite concourse resource

When you define kite resource you should defind kubeconfig or kite can generate it from defined token, endpoint, user, cluster, certificate-authority parameters.

Here is description of parameters: - token - service account token for your cluster - endpoint - cluster server adress - certificate-autority - service account certificate for cluster

Where to get this parameters ?

Get secret's name shell kubectl get serviceAccount <service_account_name> -oyaml echo -n SECRET | base64 -d

Then look on secret's yaml. Here you can find certificate-authority and token values: shell kubectl get secrets <secrets_name> -oyaml echo -n SECRET | base64 -d

Find server address: shell kubectl config view


  - name: kite
    type: docker-image
      repository: heliostech/kite

  - name: kite-test
    type: kite
      token: {{sa_token}}
      endpoint: {{server_ip}}
      certificate-autority: {{certificate-autority}}