To track admin activities you need to define it on seed.yml on permissions key

  • role should be in a range of existing: admin, superadmin, support, techical, accountant
  • verb should be post, get, put, delete
  • path - endpoint which should be checked, should be started with api/v2/#{component} as prefix
  • action should be audit
For example

- { role: 'admin', verb: 'post', path: api/v2/admin, action: audit }

Here you can see a list of possible fields for activity: | Field | Type | Description | |:-----------|:--------:|:-----------:| | user_id | bigint | ID of user who creates activity | | target_uid | string | User UID for whom activity was created (admin remove OTP for user, target_uid will be uid of user for which admin removed OTP| | category | string | admin (admin activities), user (user activities)| | user_ip | string | IP address | | user_agent | string | User Agent such as Mozilla/5.0| | topic | string | Defined topic (session, adjustments) or general by default| | action | string | API action: POST => 'create', PUT => 'update', GET => 'read', DELETE => 'delete', PATCH => 'update' or system if there is no match of HTTP method| | result | string | Status of API response: succeed, failed, denied| | data | text | Parameters which was sent to specific API endpoint| | created_at | datetime | Time of activity creation|

Useful commands

If you want to delete old activities you can run next command

Be sure that your parameters has valid date string, such as YYYY-mm-dd !

bundle exec rake activities:delete[from,to]