Peatio & Barong User Endpoints Benchmark Guide


To have better insight into platform metrics, deploying Prometheus and Grafana beforehand is recommended.


Benchmark diagram

Suggested tool: Locust with 20 workers Number of clients: 20 x 1,000 request per second Metrics to collect: Number of requests per second, CPU load chart, Latency per page chart



All the tests were executed on a Kubernetes cluster of 12 nodes with 8 CPU cores and 16 GB of RAM each.

Component Replicas
Peatio 24
Barong 12
Envoy 8
API endpoint Number of connections Requests per second Number of replicas
/account/balances 2000 4356.0711 24
/users/me 2000 1939.8766 12

With this setup, platforms can support a rather big audience without worrying about user API call capacity.