Peatio daemons


This daemon transfer incoming deposits from deposit wallet to withdraw wallets (hot, warm, cold).


This daemon transfer fees for deposit collection paying and send deposit_collection request to amqp:deposit_collection.


This daemon creates new addresses for you.


This daemon reads from peatio.trade exchange and records trades to InfluxDB.


This daemon updates market ticker when some orders or trades are created / updated.


This daemon matches orders and sends them to amqp:trade_executor.


This daemon processes cancelation of orders.


This daemon delivers new trade to Ranger.


This daemon delivers events to private member Ranger channel.


This daemon keeps copy of in-memory orderbook from amqp:matching and updates various data stored in Redis which is needed for trading UI.


This daemon performs withdraw.


This daemon performs partial or full fullfilment of two orders.


This daemon monitors blockchain for incoming deposits and withdrawal and updates their state on the database.


This daemon send orderbook to Ranger every 5 seconds.


This daemon updates k-lines every 15 seconds.


This daemon validates withdrawals and sends them to amqp:withdraw_coin.