#Opendax Cloud plugin

This service is used in Openfinex microservice to generate wallets, sign and broadcast transactions


You should have two required env variables in peatio to make this plugin work

  • PLATFORM_ID - will be saved automatically on platform creation API call
  • PEATIO_JWT_PRIVATE_KEY - peatio private key

Settings configuration

Here the most important configuration for wallet configurations

Deposit/Hot wallet

gateway: field set as `opendax_cloud`
  uri: a link to openfinex (e.g. "https://#{domain_name}/api/v2/opx/peatio")

Implemented functions are

  1. Create address For address creating you need to be sure that your deposit wallet has right configuration:
  • blockchain_key should be some blockchain with right explorer_address, explorer_transaction which you use for your currency configuration too
  • gateway field set as opendax_cloud
  • in wallet settings you have:
    • uri should be a link to openfinex cloud, default is https://#{domain_name}/api/v2/opx/peatio
  1. Create transaction

  2. Load balance Be sure you have correct address in deposit/hot wallet configuration

  3. Trigger webhook event

This method requires OPENFINEX_CLOUD_PUBLIC_KEY env variable which will be used to decode request body from JWT (algorithm 'ES256') and return a list of transactions.