Peatio Import Configuration API

This doc describes how you can import configuration for currencies/wallets/blockchains/markets using Admin API

Example for configuration

  1. Prepare json/yaml file for your configuration with the following format

Example of yaml configuration file

  - key:               prt-kovan
    name:              Ethereum Kovan
    client:            parity                 # API client name.
    server:    # Public Ethereum node endpoint. IMPORTANT: full syncmode.
    height:            2500000                # Initial block number from which sync will be started.
    min_confirmations: 6                      # Minimal confirmations needed for withdraw and deposit confirmation.
      address:         https://kovan.etherscan.io/address/#{address}
      transaction:     https://kovan.etherscan.io/tx/#{txid}
    status:            disabled

  - id:                     usd
    name:                   US Dollar
    type:                   fiat
    precision:              2
    base_factor:            1
    visible:                true
    deposit_enabled:        true
    withdrawal_enabled:     true
    min_deposit_amount:     0
    min_collection_amount:  0
    withdraw_limit_24h:     100
    withdraw_limit_72h:     200
    deposit_fee:            0
    withdraw_fee:           0
    position:               1
    options:                {}

  - id:                btcusd
    base_unit:         btc
    quote_unit:        usd
    engine_name:       peatio-default-engine
    amount_precision:  4
    price_precision:   4
    min_price:         0.0001
    max_price:         0.0
    min_amount:        0.0001
    position:          100
    state:             enabled
    data:              {}

Example of json configuration file

  "blockchains": [
      "key": "eth-testnet",
      "name": "Ethereum Testnet",
      "client": "parity",
      "height": 8670000,
      "explorer_address": "https://etherscan.io/address/#{address}",
      "explorer_transaction": "https://etherscan.io/tx/#{txid}",
      "min_confirmations": 6,
      "status": "disabled"
  "wallets": [
      "blockchain_key": "eth-testnet",
      "name": "Ethereum Deposit Wallet",
      "address": "0x828058628DF254Ebf252e0b1b5393D1DED91E369",
      "kind": "deposit",
      "max_balance": 0.0,
      "status": "active",
      "gateway": "geth",
      "uri": "",
      "secret": "changeme",
      "plain_settings": {
        "external_wallet_id": 1
      "settings": {
        "uri": ""
  "markets": [
      "id": "btctrst",
      "base_unit": "btc",
      "quote_unit": "trst",
      "engine_name": "peatio-default-engine",
      "amount_precision": 4,
      "price_precision": 4,
      "min_price": 0.0001,
      "max_price": 0.0,
      "min_amount": 0.0001,
      "position": 100,
      "state": "enabled",
      "data": {}
  1. Go to Tower in Settings Tab (blockchains or wallets configuration) or Exchange Tab (currencies or markets configuration) -> find Import Button in the panel -> load json/yaml configuration file -> click Submit button.

Also you can use directly Admin API with POST request to api/v2/peatio/admin/import_configs

Example with curl:

curl -X POST -F 'file=@spec/resources/import_configs/data.json' 'https://opendax.cloud/api/v2/admin/import_configs'

Rules and exceptions

  1. If currency/blockchain/wallet doesnt exist in peatio DB, system will create this entity.

  2. If currency/blockchain/wallet exists in peatio DB, system will skip this entity.

  3. If there is some error during currency/blockchain/wallet creation, system will skip this entity and process next one.