Deploying Peatio on [Kubernetes](https://kubernetes.io/)


  1. Dependencies
  2. Configuration
  3. Installing the chart
  4. Getting help


Peatio has 3 main dependencies:

If you don't have them installed yet, you can check our helm charts repo.


All the configuration goes in config/charts/peatio/values.yaml. It has many helpful comments, but in this section we have more details about each config option.

NameDefault ValueDescription
replicaCount1Number of pod's replicas
image.repository"rubykube/peatio"Image repo
image.tag"0.2.2"Image version
image.pullPolicy"IfNotPresent"Image pull polucy
service.name"peatio"Service name
service.type"ClusterIP"Service type
service.externalPort8080Service external port
service.internalPort8080Service internal port
ingress.enabledfalseEnable or disable the ingress
ingress.hosts["peatio.local"]The virtual hosts names
ingress.annotationssee values.yamlIngress annotations
ingress.tls.secretName"peatio-tls"TLS secret name
ingress.tls.hosts["peatio.local"]TLS virtual hosts names
resources.limits.cpu"100m"CPU resource requests
resources.limits.memory"128Mi"Memory resource limits
resources.limits.cpu"100m"CPU resource requests
resources.limits.memory"128Mi"Memory resource requests
peatio.envsee application.ymlPeatio environment config
db.host"%current-release%-db"Your MySQL host
db.user"root"MySQL user
db.passwordnilMySQL password
redis.host"%current-release%-redis"Your Redis host
redis.passwordnilRedis password
rabbitmq.host"%current-release%-rabbitmq"Your RabbitMQ host
rabbitmq.port5672RabbitMQ port
rabbitmq.usernamenilRabbitMQ username
rabbitmq.passwordnilRabbitMQ password

#Installing the chart

This one is simple:

helm install config/peatio/charts

If you want use helm package and external values file, try this:

$ helm package
Successfully packaged chart and saved it to: peatio-0.1.0.tgz
$ helm install peatio-0.1.0.tgz -f path/to/your/values.yaml
NAME: random-name

That's all you need to deploy peatio on kubernetes.

#Getting help

If you got any trouble with this deployment, please open an issue. If you want external devops support with peatio, contact [email protected].