#Version 1.1.17

Released 2019-10-04

Enhancement: Update Ruby version to 2.6.5 for security reasons

#Version 1.1.16

Released 2019-08-23

Fix: Remove version lock from GCP Terraform provider

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #157 from rubykube/fix/remove-version-lock-gcp

#Version 1.1.15

Released 2019-07-10

Feature: Freeze Terraform provider versions

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #156 from rubykube/feature/freeze-tf-providers

#Version 1.1.14

Released 2019-06-27

Update the Gemfile template to resolve the rake issues

#Version 1.1.13

Released 2019-06-27

Feature: Add support for AliCloud

#Version 1.1.12

Released 2019-06-20

Fix: Add YAML gem load to the Rakefile in tpl/skel/

#Version 1.1.11

Released 2019-03-20

Feature: Add a default .gitignore to environments

#Version 1.1.10

Released 2019-03-20

Update the gem authors

#Version 1.1.9

Released 2019-03-20

Finalize the CI publish step

#Version 1.1.8

Released 2019-03-20

Feature: Add publish step to the CI

  • Update the Ruby image version in each CI step

#Version v1.1.7

Released 2019-02-12

#Version 1.1.7

Released 2019-02-12

Fix: Update the kite.gemspec

#Version 1.1.6

Released 2019-02-11

Enhancement: Add @cloud to the Rakefile for usage in lib/tasks

#Version 1.1.5

Released 2019-02-11

Fix: Bring back the separate tag commit

#Version 1.1.4

Released 2019-02-11

Add drone pipeline (#145)

  • Add drone pipeline

  • Update drone ci with test and bump steps

Fix: Remove string literal freeze

Improve the bump script

Update Readme generated template to default kite Readme

#Version v1.1.3

Released 2018-09-12

Added ability to completely overwrite old git submodules when fetching fresh ones (#142)

Split kite module init into fetch and render vars (OPEX-9) (#140)

#Version v1.1.2

Released 2018-05-28

Upgrade versions - Upgrade to ruby 2.5 which is mandatory for kite config command - Upgrade to latest terraform and glcoud cli

#Version v1.1.1

Released 2018-05-23

Add thor alias -v for version option (#138)

#Version v1.1.0

Released 2018-05-14

Ability to get kite configuration in a command (closes #133) (#134)

  • Add kite config command (closes #133)

Change the versioning convention

use master as development branch and maintain stable versions in branches

Import modules as git submodules (#136)

  • kite module init now imports modules as git submodules by default
  • Ability to import local modules by copying files with --method=copy

#Version v1.0.11

Released 2018-05-11

Fix exit status in case of error (#128)

#Version v1.0.10

Released 2018-04-13

Add git submodule init to git:update rake command

Adding default value

Adding rake task loader

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #127 from rubykube/feature/rakefile

#Version v1.0.9

Released 2018-04-12

kite terraform command now exit with the terraform exit status code

#Version v1.0.8

Released 2018-04-12

Display human readable error when an environement is missing in config/cloud.yml

#Version v1.0.7

Released 2018-04-10

Fix terraform installation in dockerfile

#Version v1.0.6

Released 2018-04-10

Fix ENV variables forced to be string

#Version v1.0.5

Released 2018-04-09

Docker image dependencies updates:

Updat debian to stretch to get a newer version of OpenSSL

#Version v1.0.4

Released 2018-03-30

Added ability to use specific module versions/tags (#120)

Fix some typos and badges in README.md (#122)

#Version v1.0.3

Released 2018-03-30

Added ability use module manifest as a template

Improvements for travis CI (resolved #124)

Updated README

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #121 from vshatravenko/manifest

#Version v1.0.2

Released 2018-03-08

Added cloud.yml vars load for terraform (#117)

  • Updated cloud.yml and env templates

Added ability to work with modules locally (#116)

  • Refactored path usage

Bump v1.0.2

#Version v1.0.1

Released 2018-02-21

Added Git gem to dependencies (#114)

kite release v1.0.1

#Version v1.0.0

Released 2018-02-19

Added LICENSE.md

Change the license to Apache 2.0 (#109)

Release v1.0.0 kite

#Version v0.2.2

Released 2017-12-14

Hide the token from logs

#Version v0.2.1

Released 2017-12-14

Ability to overwrite the VERSION when running make (#97)

Added documentation

Added ENV and SERVICE vars to service generated Makefile

Added upgraded Concourse 3.8.0 GCP BOSH manifest

  • Increased the default number of workers to 2

Added "Getting started" docs to kite generate service (#100)

  • Added how-to-pull-request documentation

  • Added "Getting started" docs for kite generate svc

Adding kubernetes auth support

Adding new changelog

helm deploy in concourse pipeline using kite resource (#95)

Improved Prometheus

Simplify and fix the output resource

Updated AWS README (#102)

Upgrade Bosh AWS CPI to fix issue: Ruby 2.3.x and older are not compatible with OpenSSL 1.1.x (#98)


Pull Requests

Merge pull request #101 from ashanaakh/kube-token

Merge pull request #96 from vshatravenko/ci

Merge pull request #103 from ashanaakh/makefile

#Version v0.2.0

Released 2017-11-07

Add OAuth (UAA) manifest for AWS and GCP (#94)

  • Fixes for AWS Ingress

Add concourse kite resource (#89)

Add github link to slack notification on pull-request (#91)

  • Add github link to slack notification on pull-request

  • Update review.yml.tt

Add glcoud to the kitebox

Add docker registry and git repository required parameters (#69)

  • Change kite generate service usage
  • Add docker image requiered parameter
  • Add git repository required parameter
  • Add optional name parameter (default is the directory name)
  • Add provider parameter to generate service task

  • Add parameters --chart-version and --image-version to task generate service

Add service generator (#63)

Add a HTTPS proxy for concourse on GCP (#62)

  • Add a HTTPS proxy for concourse on GCP using a VIP and self signed certificate

  • Add letsencrypt support when concourse exposed on public IP

  • Force to use HTTPS

  • Update the documentation

  • Create a specific deployment for ingress

  • Fine tuning and hotfixes

Added slack as parameter to kite generate service (#82)

Added Slack notifications after tasks (#85)

  • Moved test tasks to different files
  • Added fix for kubeconfig parse

Added Helm-deploy job template (#84)

  • Updated docs with credentials info

Added pipeline for kite; refined pipeline template (#80)

  • Added pending status for pr test
  • Added better pr tagging

Added Slack alerts and image tagging to pipeline; fixed tests (#79)

Added pr hook and unit tests to pipeline template (#75)

Added ingress-update script

  • Updated docs

Added Prometheus with k8s metrics support to GCP (#67)

  • Added Prometheus for GCP; fixes for AWS

  • Added BOSH dynamic k8s service discovery

  • Added Ingress deployment without SSL to AWS
  • Added jumpbox key generation to GCP
  • Updated Prometheus- and Ingress-related docs

Added Prometheus manifest with Kubernetes monitor support (#66)

Added pipeline to service generator Makefile (#65)

  • Added username to service generator

Added kops deploy and delete scripts + S3 bucket IaC (#61)

Added BOSH password generation for Concourse (#60)

Adding custom path option with skeleton refactoring

Allocate VIP with terraform for GCP platform (#64)

  • Misc fixes

  • Allocate VIP with terraform for GCP platform

Change the ingress configuration to have a SSL proxy for concourse (mandatory for hijacking) (#93)

Concourse resource: the directory containing build resources is passed in first argument

Concourse kite resource: Authenticate gcloud with the service account when provided

Describe pipeline (#78)

Ensure the kite resource output only one response

Fix concourse for kite (#92)

Fix concourse resource

Fixes (#81)

  • Fix readme

  • Add .gem to gitignore

  • Fix travis

Fixing review pipeline output path

Generate service fix pipeline template (#76)

Hotfix review pipeline (#88)

Hotfixes (#73)

Implement the git SHA1 tag workflow in default concourse pipeline (#83)

Improve concourse review pipeline and documentation (#77)

  • Improve concourse review pipeline and documentation

  • Fix trigger build pipeline on PR in generated concourse review pipeline

Improve generate service outputs (#72)

Release v0.2.0

Updated changelog

Updating kite container

Pull Requests

Merge pull request #70 from vshatravenko/master

#Version v0.1.0

Released 2017-10-09

Added functional tests (#53)

  • Functional test for generate command

  • Added functional tests for kite render

Added mainfest credentials interpolation; updated docs (#54)

  • Added instructions on Vault token generation
  • Added instructions on how to optionally delete Bastion

Added instructions for kops cluster (#55)

Added no-ip + platform-internal tag for GCP instances (#56)

Bypass terraform GCP plugin crash

Release v0.1.0

Replaced rendering db and auth passwords with BOSH interpolation (#59)

Updated kops instructions (#58)

Updated docs; added GitHub oAuth instructions (#51)

  • Fixed setup-tunnel.sh

Updated Changelog to reflect release v0.0.9

#Version v0.0.9

Released 2017-09-29

Add codecov report (#42)

  • Add codecov report

  • Add CodeCov badge in README

Add coverage report (#41)

Add task generate command (#37)

Added Vault manifest for AWS (#46)

  • Started fixing bootstrap.sh

Added nginx manifest for GCP (#45)

Added bootstrap and cleanup scripts (#34)

Moved scripts to tpl/bin

Comment update cloud config

Conditional terraform network resources (#39)

Connected Vault to Concourse; Added test job (#23)

  • Added test pipeline and credentials files
  • Updated Concourse manifest
  • Updated README.md and vault.md
  • Now deploying Concourse and Vault to static IPs to know exactly where they are inside of a subnet

Fixed moving scripts to tpl/bin (#38)

Fixed AWS terraform.tfvars rendering (#33)

Fixes for GCP provider (#40)

  • Removed tfstate parse
  • Fixed deploy scripts
  • Fixed set-env.sh and setup-tunnel.sh

Improved documentation and kite render flow (#47)

  • Improved documentation

  • Changed kite render flow

  • Now kite render manifest renders a manifest, a script and a doc

Moved things in proper places (#32)

Release kite v0.0.9

Removed public IPs from GCP BOSH deployments (#44)

Fixed vault-deploy.sh

Updating changelog and README

#Version v0.0.8

Released 2017-09-22

Added Vault manifest for GCP; restructured kite (#24)

  • Moved cloud-config.yml to bosh directory
  • Added Concourse and Vault deployment scripts for GCP
  • Added Vault readme
  • Fixed kite render manifest bosh

Added GCS backend for remote .tfstate storage (#30)

  • Fixed terraform render in kite generate

Added ip range rendering in manifests for AWS (#26)

Added subnet_name render in terraform.tfvars (#25)

Adding Changelog

Fix in shell skript template for concourse deployment (environment name was missing) (#22)

Fixed reserved ip problem for GCP (#29)

Kite release v0.0.8

#Version v0.0.7

Released 2017-09-15

Add cloud config, concourse (#12)

Added Dockerfile for kitebox (#19)

Bugfixes for v0.0.6 (#14)

  • Fixed setup-tunnel.sh
  • Fixed kite render
  • Fixed AWS readme

Fix setup-tunnel.sh on GCP platform (#20)

  • Add AMI for eu-west-1 AWS zone

  • Fix setup-tunnel.sh for GCP platform

Moved kite render to subcommand (#16)

NAT Gateway for AWS (#18)

Release v0.0.7

Updated Concourse manifest for AWS (#21)

Updated docs for RDoc (#17)

#Version v0.0.6

Released 2017-09-13

Add GCP readme (#7)

Added BOSH CLI v2 support for AWS (#10)

  • Updated README
  • Added new files for BOSH deployment
  • Added jumpbox user
  • Added BOSH CLI tunneling

Adding a route through the bastion

Extract bosh vars into a config file (#8)

Lib improvements; simplified kite errors (#11)

  • Lib improvements
  • Added error module
  • Added file checks
  • Simplified Kite errors

Release v0.0.6

#Version v0.0.5

Released 2017-09-01

Add bosh jumpbox (#4)

  • Add bosh-bastion

  • Refactor jumpbox to use values from vars

Adding kite version command

Bump v0.0.5 Alpha

Making a new terraform for GCP Minor renaming for AWS Attempt to Bosh create-env using v2

Refactor terraform config

  • Rename network VPCs, subnets
  • Make editable network values in cloud.yml
  • Move network terraform configs into network.tf
  • Remove ELB and dns zone config for concourse
  • Delete bosh public IP

Reorganized templates from shell to erb (#1)

  • Added YML templates instead of bash
  • Added render-manifest command
  • tfstate parser

Update bootstrap.sh; Removed .env; Fixed .tfvars (#3)

Updating template variables and keypair resource

#Version v0.0.4

Released 2017-08-26

kite new; now render a generic project skeleton

Moved code into a genrate commands, next should be made modular

Release v0.0.4 - Alpha 4

Adding a unit test

#Version v0.0.3

Released 2017-08-24

Adding a prototype generator for aws and gcp

Adding travis badge

bin distribution

#Version v0.0.2

Released 2017-08-24

Bump first release

Initial commit

Initialize kite gem