Unlike Peatio v2.3, Peatio v2.4 stores wallets settings in Vault. Since all settings should be moved to Vault, we need to recreate wallets in Peatio. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Execute into Rails Console and run: ```ruby result = Wallet.all.map { |m| m.attributes.except('created_at', 'updated_at') }.map { |r| r.transform_values! { |v| v.is_a?(BigDecimal) ? v.to_f : v } } result.each do |w| w.except!('settings_encrypted', 'id') w['settings'] = Wallet.find_by(address: w['address']).settings w['kind'] = w['kind'].to_s end

File.open("config/seed/wallets_backup.yml","w") do |file| file.write result.to_yaml end

Wallet.delete_all `` 2. Put content of theconfig/seed/wallets_backup.ymlin theconfig/seed/wallets.yml. 3. Change the Peatio version. 4. Runrake db:migrate db:seed`. It will migrate DB and seed wallets into Peatio.