#OPEX 2.3 Release


OPEX 2.3 brings deployment files updates for every component and adds multiple Quality of Life improvements such as ability to deploy Bitcoind right into the cluster and the integration ofKeel to enable easier CI/CD process with Kubernetes deployments.

The highlights of this release include:

  • Support of v2.3 for every component in the stack
  • Bitcoind Kubernetes deployment support
  • Keel integration for seamless continuous redeployments
  • Switch from Ambassador to Envoy as API gateway


  • Add ability to deploy bitcoind on K8s #721
  • Update Peatio seeds to v2.3.32 #710
  • Add more dashboards to Grafana #706
  • Integrate Keel CI redeployment tool into the stack #707
  • Add files and instructions on how to setup continuous redeployment #705
  • Add support for Postmaster 2.3.x #703
  • Add ability to customize SMS sender and content in Barong #700
  • Add ability to configure UID prefix and APP_NAME in Barong #697
  • Preserve source IP addresses in Ingress by default #696
  • Replace Ambassador with Envoy for Gateway API #684


  • Add ability to configure REQUIRE_DOCS_EXPIRED in Barong #701
  • Add documents for FAQ and Support procedure #693
  • Documentation update #692
  • Update Peatio seeds #691
  • Update AWS support for v2.3 #715


  • Remove redundant @deployment_id from administration.md.tt #722
  • Add Superset SQL database creation for GCP #716
  • Rework Vault autounseal process #714
  • Add activation requirements and state triggers #713
  • Update routing config in Envoy and Tower deployment files #712
  • Update Superset deployment files #709
  • Remove the redundant SMS_SENDER variable from Barong config #702
  • Update Arke Helm chart to use Deployments instead of Pods #689