SSL Certificates

By default SSL for peatio created by LetsEncrypt.

OPEX platform uses kube-lego for automatic SSL certificates generation.

Custom SSL Certificates

If user have custom SSL certificates:

Go to peatio helm chart and remove

$> $EDITOR config/charts/peatio/templates/ingress.yaml

Remove extra row from annotations "true"

Now annotations should look like this:

annotations: {{ template "fullname" . }}-ws nginx

If peatio has been deployed, it already generate SSL certificates for it.

Check if those kubernetes secrets exist

$> kubectl get secret peatio-tls -oyaml

If they exist, let's remove those kubernetes secrets

$> kubectl delete secret peatio-tls

Now it's time to remove peatio deployment

$> helm delete --purge peatio

Create file paetio-tls.yaml and put your certs in this file with following structure

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: peatio-tls
  namespace: default
  tls.crt: ~ # Here should be base64 encoded value.
  tls.key: ~ # Here should be base64 encoded value.
$> kubectl apply -f paetio-tls.yaml

Deploy peatio

$> ./bin/

That's it!

For more information: