OpenDAX BaseApp UI

User Interface for Trading and Wallets Management

Base React application to build a trading platform interface for use with OpenDAX: Why React? We consider it's the biggest frontend community and have capacities to work in mobile native.

You can see an example of a live application running at:


Please note, that BaseApp license only allows Non-Commercial use of this component. To purchase the Commercial license, please contact us at [email protected]

Install dependencies

$ yarn install

Run in developement mode

$ yarn start-mock

This command will also start a fake api backend for helping development. Once you happy with the result, save, build an image and run it with OpenDAX docker compose system.

Execute tests

In <rootDir>

$ yarn test

For more options for jest run yarn test --help.

Configuration documentation

Configuration file is located in public/config/env.js

Argument                 Description                                                
api     URLs of barong, peatio, applogic and ranger API endpoints. You can use mockserver ( with default env.js values
minutesUntilAutoLogout               Autologout time in minutes
withCredentials               false or true if you want to include cookies as part of the request(
gaTrackerKey Google Analytics tracker key
rangerReconnectPeriod Reconnection time for the Ranger WS service in minutes
msAlertDisplayTime  Alert message display duration in milliseconds
kycSteps  List of label names for KYC process

Available Docker build args

While building a Docker image you can pass build-dependant arguments using --build-arg: docker build -t baseapp:latest --build-arg BUILD_DOMAIN="" .

Argument Description
BUILD_EXPIRE Unix Timestamp of the build expiration date in seconds
BUILD_DOMAIN Domain which you'd like to use during the deployment

Happy trading with OpenDAX BaseApp UI

If you have designed something beautiful with it, we would love to see it!

And if you have any comments, feedback and suggestions - we are happy to hear from you here at GitHub or at


This code is open for helping private modification and performing customer demonstration, you can use it for raising capital. You cannot use it for a live platform without getting a commercial license from us.

Contact us if you'd like to purchase a commercial license.


If you would like to fork, and modify this UI to create a BaseApp theme, we would be happy to setup a partnership program and sell your work provided a revenue sharing.

Made with love from Paris and Kiev.