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:incoming_envelope: Notification Hub for openware stack.

Event API client for


Consume mail events from RabbitMQ and send emails over SMTP.



Start worker by running command below

$ go run ./cmd/postmaster/main.go

Environment variables

Variable Description Required Default
POSTMASTER_ENV Environment, reacts on "production" no
POSTMASTER_LOG_LEVEL Level of logging no debug
RABBITMQ_HOST Host of RabbitMQ daemon no localhost
RABBITMQ_PORT Port of RabbitMQ daemon no 5672
RABBITMQ_USERNAME RabbitMQ username no guest
RABBITMQ_PASSWORD RabbitMQ password no guest
SMTP_PASSWORD Password used for auth to SMTP yes
SMTP_PORT Post of SMTP server no 25
SMTP_HOST Host of SMTP server no
SMTP_USER User used for auth to SMTP no apikey
SENDER_EMAIL Email address of mail sender yes
SENDER_NAME Name of mail sender no Postmaster