Deploying Peatio on Kubernetes


  1. Dependencies
  2. Configuration
  3. Installing the chart
  4. Getting help


Peatio has 3 main dependencies:

If you don't have them installed yet, you can check our helm charts repo.


All the configuration goes in config/charts/peatio/values.yaml. It has many helpful comments, but in this section we have more details about each config option.

Name Default Value Description
replicaCount 1 Number of pod's replicas
image.repository "rubykube/peatio" Image repo
image.tag "0.2.2" Image version
image.pullPolicy "IfNotPresent" Image pull polucy "peatio" Service name
service.type "ClusterIP" Service type
service.externalPort 8080 Service external port
service.internalPort 8080 Service internal port
ingress.enabled false Enable or disable the ingress
ingress.hosts ["peatio.local"] The virtual hosts names
ingress.annotations see values.yaml Ingress annotations
ingress.tls.secretName "peatio-tls" TLS secret name
ingress.tls.hosts ["peatio.local"] TLS virtual hosts names
resources.limits.cpu "100m" CPU resource requests
resources.limits.memory "128Mi" Memory resource limits
resources.limits.cpu "100m" CPU resource requests
resources.limits.memory "128Mi" Memory resource requests
peatio.env see application.yml Peatio environment config "%current-release%-db" Your MySQL host
db.user "root" MySQL user
db.password nil MySQL password "%current-release%-redis" Your Redis host
redis.password nil Redis password "%current-release%-rabbitmq" Your RabbitMQ host
rabbitmq.port 5672 RabbitMQ port
rabbitmq.username nil RabbitMQ username
rabbitmq.password nil RabbitMQ password

Installing the chart

This one is simple:

helm install config/peatio/charts

If you want use helm package and external values file, try this:

$ helm package
Successfully packaged chart and saved it to: peatio-0.1.0.tgz
$ helm install peatio-0.1.0.tgz -f path/to/your/values.yaml
NAME: random-name

That's all you need to deploy peatio on kubernetes.

Getting help

If you got any trouble with this deployment, please open an issue. If you want external devops support with peatio, contact [email protected]