#Version 2.4.3

Released 2020-06-09

Creates AMQP exchange on start if it doesn't exist Makes the AMQP rango queue instance exclusive Delete explicitly the queue on exit

Disconnect slow connections to avoid memory leak and dead lock Enable auto messages ack on amqp

Fix a race condition

#Version 2.4.2

Released 2020-06-03

Shutdown on AMQP disconnect

#Version 2.4.1

Released 2020-05-06

Add Promtheus metrics

  • Fix private unsubscriptions for missing topic
    • Remove dead clients

Handle ping

#Version 2.4.0

Released 2020-04-30

Ability to configure using ranger env variables

Add Dockerfile and CI basic pipeline

Add support of public incremental objects Ability to subscribe to streams from connection URI Discard empty messages from websocket client

Add hub tests


Add amqp listener update request parser

bump version to 2.4

CI build stable versions

Fix URI parser

Fix JSON parsing for klines

Handle public and private subscriptions and messages routing

Init commit

Introduce routing package Pass UID from JWT to client on authenticated connection

Protect client to write message once closed

Remove buffer on websocket writes

Rework AMQP upstream