Session flow

Points to note

  • Session can only be safely destroyed if there are no order creation requests in queue.

  • Tracking trades inside finex still does not help with deposits and transfers.

Order flow

  • When order comes its locked amount is locked in session. After several requests session will be fully spent.

  • To detect incomes (trades, deposits, transfer) session be reopened.

Safe destroy

Can destroy if: - No order creation requests in buffer.

Transfers flow

  • Transafer made by peatio should indicate user's UID to destory his session.

  • Destroy can prevent trading for some time to ensure balance changes are applied before reopening.

Destroy and delete

  • Session destroy does not mean it is deleted in memory.

  • If session cannot be destroyed it will be moved to 'destroy' list, preventing reopening session. It will be deleted by session GC or by new user's requests later.