Whitelisted smart contracts

This doc describes how you can use whitelisted smart contract feature to detect deposits from third party smart contracts.

DescriptionThe smart contract info.
AddressAddress of whitelisted smart contract.
StateState of whitelisted smart contract
Blockchain keyIdentify in which blockchain system will detect deposit from whitelisted smart contract

There are many third-party smart contracts with which you can send eth or erc-20.

Example of transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xeb92797eb91f53ce7bb68abaf3fd3198980d971dd42f9fcb6eb1272ef3ef2a0e

In this transaction TOM erc-20 (0xf7970499814654cd13cb7b6e7634a12a7a8a9abc) was transferred

from 0x095273adb73e55a8710e448c49eaee16fe115527 to 0xbbd602bb278edff65cbc967b9b62095ad5be23a3

using 0x6c0b51971650d28821ce30b15b02b9826a20b129 smart contract.

Before Peatio was not able to detect this deposit because the system checks to entry in eth raw transaction and compare it with existing currency smart contracts in DB.

With the Whitelisted smart contracts feature the system will able to detect deposits from third-party smart contracts.

You just need to add it through Tower (Settings tab -> Whitelisted smart contracts) and link it to the right blockchain (via blockchain_key). Also, there is the ability to load CSV files with several smart contracts.


Through rails console:

WhitelistedSmartContract.create(description: "New third party contracts", address: "0x6c0b51971650d28821ce30b15b02b9826a20b129", state: "active", blockchain_key: "eth-mainet")