Peatio 2.6.0 (December 11, 2020)


We are pleased to present Peatio Open Source 2.6.0.

This release concentrated on changes for user deposit addresses generation, new wallet clients, platform reliability, and security updates:

1. Unify deposit addresses for ETH & ERC20 tokens. 2. Global Withdraw Limits. 3. Implement adaptive gas_price setting. 4. Opendax wallet client support. 5. Yaml based admin and user permissions. 6. PostgreSQL and MariaDB support.

This release note is a must-read for migrating from older versions.

Breaking changes

Introduce the admin's ability to set global withdrawal limits in one currency (the platform global currency) for users. Application of specific limits, depending on user KYC level and group. Time limits control for one day or one month period.

  • Add admin and public API modules for withdrawal limits.
  • Add user endpoint for withdrawal sums for each period.

Add the option "gas_price" to a currency with those possible values: standard, safelow, fast. By default, peatio will use the standard option. Make sure to change eth base currencies to those possible values.

  • Feature: Unify deposit addresses for ETH & ERC20 tokens #2575 (mnaichuk)

Now a user will get a single deposit address for ETH and ERC20 tokens. One deposit wallet will be able to have a few currencies. Make sure to run related migration and configure Wallet <> Currency relations after.

  • Add Wallet <> Currency association
  • PaymentAddress now belongs to Member and a platform Wallet
  • Admin endpoints to add and delete a currency to a wallet

Encrypt Beneficiary data field using vault transit. The migration will automatically insert data for existing beneficiaries.

Introduce permissions for users with cancan based on the YAML file. Config example

Introduce permissions for admin endpoints with cancan based on the YAML file. Config example

New Features

  • PostgreSQL support #2714 (calj)
  • Add the support of MariaDB (calj)

Databases documentation postgress mariadb

  • Feature: Add Opendax wallet plugin #2735 (chumaknadya)

    • Feature: Add general wallet plugin
    • Use JWT to authenticate peatio to the wallet
    • Use SSL to secure the connection
    • Minor changes for address creating
    • Add ability to detect transaction from custom smart contract

Documentation for Opendax Wallet Co-authored-by: Maksym Naichuk [email protected]

  • Feature: Add ability to cancel orders on upstream #2745 (dpatsora)

We allow the cancelation of Finex orders through peatio Admin | User API. It will process cancel using AMQP.

Gnosis class inherits from ETH plugin except for the creation of address and transaction methods. With the Tower Gnosis plugin, you can process multisig withdrawals! More info about gnosis

  • Feature: Implement smart position changing for market and currencies #2682 (chumaknadya)

We introduced smart position changing for markets and currencies (reorder all records in case of insert, etc.). More info here

Now you will be able to limit the number of currencies using ENV vars: MAX_CURRENCIES, MAX_MARKETS.


Bug Fixes