Openware Software Engineering Roadmap

#Q4 2020

  • HD Wallet component (remove the need for parity and secure the private keys with Peatio and Vault).
  • ETH / ERC20 multi-sign security (using Gnosis smart contract).
  • Airdrop feature for admins in Peatio and Tower

#Q1 2021

  • CoinMarketCap endpoints in Peatio for CoinMarketCap listing
  • Internal transfers between users in Peatio
  • Support of deposits from white-listed smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain
  • Support of BSC (Binance Smart Chain) in Openware HDWallet
  • Support of HECO (Huobi Chain) in Openware HDWallet

#Q2 2021

  • Peer-to-Peer exchange release (P2P trading) in OpenFinex
  • Support of Fireblock as exchange wallet in Peatio
  • Advanced orders types in OpenFinex: Stop Loss, Take Profit, Stop Limit, Take Limit
  • Multiple blockchains for a currency in Peatio.
  • OpenDAX v3 Lite
  • Sonic framework to mix server and client side rendering

#Q3 2021

  • TRON blockchain integration (currency and TRC20 smart-contracts) in
  • Adapt the user fee groups dynamically for token holders.
  • Referral system service.

#Q4 2021

  • Defi: Swap tokens from the crypto exchange UI (using Uniswap listing) in BaseApp React.
  • MPC (Multi-Party Computation) service to distribute transaction signing process without shared secrets.
  • Margin / Futures contracts in OpenFinex.
  • OTC Trade (Over-the-Counter) implementation.