Smart automation AI assistant for ambitious traders.

The mission of ArkeBot is to enable you to automate your trading and precision market-making.

ArkeBot never gets tired, never sleeps, and is lightning-fast in decision-making and execution. He would date Siri and Cortana but doesn't have time for personal matters. The only thing that makes him happy is to make you money.

#What can you do with ArkeBot software?

The easier question would be, what can't you do with ArkeBot. You can automate pretty much any aspect of stocks, margin, and crypto trading. You can define countless strategies, fallback protocols, make it smarter, make it as careful or careless as you like.

  • Personal Trading: Connect ArkeBot to your exchange accounts and catch juicy trades 24/7.
  • Portfolio Management: ArkeBot can manage your asset portfolio as a personal broker assistant, ensuring your portfolio value is always growing no matter what currencies are in it.
  • Market Making: ArkeBot can run a constant market-making solution for the stocks and cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Liquidity Provision: With ArkeBot, you can hotlink orders from other platforms such as Binance Chain, Huobi, Bitfinex, and others.
  • Aggregated Order Book: ArkeBot can seamlessly combine your platform order book with local and remote orders to kickstart your marketplace.

#What trading strategies can I execute with ArkeBot?

With ArkeBot, you can execute many popular stock and crypto trading strategies and customize any additional strategies.

  • 'Copy' strategy. The Copy strategy uses a source exchange market to create an order book on a target market.
  • 'Order Back' strategy. This strategy behaves like the Copy strategy and can order back the liquidity from the source exchange market. The strategy creates an order on the source exchange, containing the matched amount and same price without the spread. This way, if the spread configured is higher than the exchange fee, the profit & loss will be positive.
  • 'Fixed Price' strategy. This strategy creates an order book on a market without using any source market.
  • 'Circuit Breaker' strategy. This strategy monitors orders on an account, comparing prices with a source exchange, and cancels those too far from the current order book offers on the source. It is a safety measure in case the strategy which creates the market crash or has a defect.

Make sure to talk to technical sales for more details on available strategies and additional strategy implementation.

#Innovative market making and liquidity provision with ArkeBot

ArkeBot is open-source software that lets you implement and execute customizable trading strategies on centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols.

We can host it on your private cloud or any popular cloud services like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. The ArkeBot service will run online 24/7. You will have access to online analytics and monitoring tools to control ArkeBot's performance. The algorithms and scripts are modular and customizable so you can easily adapt to any market strategy changes.

#Let's get your cryptocurrency trading automated!

ArkeBot is a highly customizable trading and market-making open-source software and is a great tool to empower your trading and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Talk to technical sales for more architecture details and a free ArkeBot market-making & liquidity provisional tools demo.

You can also have a more detailed read through Openware Blockchain development SDK resources on architecture and possibilities of our market-making & liquidity provision software.

Want to develop cool machine learning trading bots like Hummingbot with us? Welcome to Openware GitHub!