A set of icons for all the main cryptocurrencies and altcoins, in a range of styles and sizes.

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Cryptocurrency Icons

This project contains over 6000 icons – almost 400 crypto currencies, in 4 styles and a range of sizes. Completely free. All we ask is that you don’t claim them as your own, and share this resource with others.

We also have some fiat currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CNY, RUB. (We don't intend to add more)

Images are in the PNG format (transparent) in 32×32, 32×32 (2x), and 128×128 variants, along with SVG versions.

There's also a generic icon that can be used for cryptocurrencies missing an icon here.

If there is an altcoin you’re looking for that hasn’t been included, please


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