Solana JavaScript SDK

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Solana JavaScript API

This is the Solana Javascript API built on the Solana JSON RPC API

Latest API Documentation



$ yarn add @solana/web3.js


$ npm install --save @solana/web3.js

Browser bundle

<script src=""></script>

Development Environment Setup

To build and run tests:

  1. Install Rust from
  2. Install the latest Solana release from



const solanaWeb3 = require('@solana/web3.js');


import solanaWeb3 from '@solana/web3.js';

Browser bundle

// `solanaWeb3` is provided in the global namespace by the `solanaWeb3.min.js` script bundle.


A Flow library definition is provided at module.flow.js. Add the following line under the [libs] section of your project's .flowconfig to activate it:



See the examples/ directory for small snippets.

Standalone examples:


Releases are available on Github and

Each Github release features a tarball containing API documentation and a minified version of the module suitable for direct use in a browser environment (<script> tag)


Local Network

Please use solana-test-validator from the latest Solana release instead of the information in this section

The solana-localnet program is provided to easily start a test Solana cluster locally on your machine. Docker must be installed. The JSON RPC endpoint of the local cluster is http://localhost:8899.

To start, first fetch the latest Docker image by running:

$ npx solana-localnet update

Then run the following command to start the cluster

$ npx solana-localnet up

While the cluster is running logs are available with:

$ npx solana-localnet logs -f

Stop the cluster with:

$ npx solana-localnet down

BPF program development

Please use cargo build-bpf from the latest Solana release instead of the information in this section

The Solana BPF SDK is located in the bpf-sdk/ subdirectory if you installed solana-web3.js from

From a git clone, run npm run bpf-sdk:install to fetch the latest BPF SDK.

Additionally Rust must be installed to build Rust BPF programs such as examples/bpf-rust-noop/. See for installation details.