User-friendly desktop app for Sia hosts. Provides easy configuration, better financials, and smart alerts to make hosting simpler.

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Sia Host Manager

An improved interface for Sia network hosts. Get accurate and complete statistics and monitor the health of your host. Replaces or runs alongside Sia-UI.

Sia Host Manager combines information from your Sia node as well as information from the blockchain to display more accurate financial and health statistics.


  • Monitors connection status
  • Add, remove and resize storage folders
  • Get detailed information about ongoing, completed, and failed storage obligations
  • Change host configuration
  • Pin configuration prices to fiat or cryptocurrencies
  • Display financials in different fiat or cryptocurrencies


Project setup

  1. Install dependencies using npm
npm install
  1. Add siad binaries for your platform to build/bin/{os} you can get the latest binaries from https://sia.tech/get-started
  • Linux: build/bin/linux/siad
  • OS X: build/bin/mac/siad
  • Windows: build/bin/win/siad


Starts the http server, hot-reloading, and electron

npm run serve

Build and Package

Builds and packages the app for the current platform

npm run build