Multi-asset, multi-strategy, event-driven trade execution and management platform for automated buy-side trading of common markets, using MongoDB for storage and Telegram for user notifications/trade consent.

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Multi-asset, multi-strategy, event-driven trade execution and management platform for trading common markets autonomously on 1min+ timeframes.

Current features

Trade FX, crypto, CFD's, traditional markets etc (any venue with an API) with unified portfolio management

Allocation-based risk management (allocate x% exposure to specific strategies)

Strategy feature library - assemble new strategies from existing features

Trade consent via Telegram (or write your own messaging client) - Accept, veto or tweak trade setups prior to triggering

WIP features

Account multicasting - trade as many accounts on as many platforms as desired

UI - web dashboard for portfolio stats and individual trade metrics

Integration with Backtrader

Blockchain-based strategy auditing - publish trade signals to IPFS and Ethereum/BSC to empirically prove win rate over time

Accounting and compliance reporting

Venue support

Exchange Status Asset classes
BitMEX Complete Crypto derivatives
Binance NA Crypto spot & derivatives
FTX NA Crypto spot, options & derivatives
Deribit NA Crypto derivatives & options
IG Markets NA FX, equity, commodity & index CFD's
Interactive Brokers NA FX, equity, commodity & index CFD's
Bitfinex NA Crypto spot
OKEx NA Crypto spot
Huobi Global NA Crypto spot
Bithumb NA Crypto spot
Kraken NA Crypto spot
Bitstamp NA Crypto spot
Coinbase NA Crypto spot
Upbit NA Crypto spot
Kucoin NA Crypto spot
Bittrex NA Crypto spot
Poloniex NA Crypto spot
Bitflyer NA Crypto spot

Market data

1 minute resolution OHLCV bars for all watched instruments are stored with MongoDB (or please write your own DB wrapper and submit a pull request).

Software currently works for 1Min+ resolution strategies with tick-resolution strategy support planned later. With this in mind, the software converts tick data to 1 min bars where live tick data is available, but doesn't store ticks locally (i.e. it can handle tick data but doesnt yet use it).

Strategy modelling

Strategy implementations are not included. A simple moving average cross model is included as a guide only. Custom strategy implementations, collaboration or any other enquiries:


Pull requests and discussion regarding new features are very welcome, please reach out.

External libraries


Backtrader -


Based on architecture described by Michael Halls-Moore at (qsTrader), and written works by E. Chan and M. Lopez de Prado. Thanks all.